Practice notes and observations - 8/17


Scott Fountain is speaking to reporters right now:

Punt return: Bryce Stephens, Isaiah Sategna, Harper Cole, Jadon Haselwood are getting looks

Kickoff return: AJ Green, Sategna, Matt Landers, Rashod Dubinion

Fountain on the punting situation: Reid Bauer has done well. He never goes away and never stops playing good ball. Punter is going to come down to the wire. Much better there than we’ve been in the past. We’re looking for hang time and distance, ability to put the ball in field zones we want, and operation time (from catch to kick).

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Scottie - good stuff as always. I’ve noted that it appears that they are moving Patrick Kutas around a lot. I know Sam likes him a ton. I bet he ends up ready somewhere if needed and gets enough games in but maybe keeps his redshirt. I like how we have at least 3 from the signing class that they feel good about in that top 10-11 right now.

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