Practice notes and observations - 8/16

No Drew Sanders on your depth chart? And, hard to believe that Sategna can’t crack the top 9 for WR. I looked at the official roster and it says Dubinion is 189 pounds. In the video, it looked more like 215. Looked like a heavy body to me.

His “depth chart” is based off of the 4 plays he’s see the first 3 groups run. Last year, Burks didn’t run one play in Fastball series the media watched, don’t pay attention to any observations from fastball plays.

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Drew Sanders hasn’t been involved in a lot of the Fastball Starts in camp. I’ve written and talked about some guys just not getting thrown in there. The depth charts in observations provide insight in some areas, and others not so much. Sanders in the other first-team linebacker right now if Arkansas plays this weekend. I wouldn’t say not to pay attention to anything there, but don’t take depth charts from that period as gospel.


True, on not paying attention, the OL and DL groups are usually the starters, or guys battling for positions in our different fronts on D. We appreciate the reports, but people freak out when “XYZ” doesn’t show up on the practice report depth chart.

I will try to start putting a disclaimer in the depth charts when players like Rocket and Drew Sanders are present but not going through that period.

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Where’s Henry. Was hoping he would come up big this year.

I’m happy to see Zimos listed on the 3-deep regardless of the significance of “fast ball”.

I think Henry will play some, but tight end is a tough position group to crack the lineup. Knox is going to get the most snaps and Bax and Washington are good players. I think Washington is going to be very good at some point.

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I’ve seen several posts that have mentioned Drew Sanders not participating in the fastball but practicing in other drills. Scottie has mentioned it several times on the podcast, too.

With the exception of a player or two who is held out, the fastball period gives a pretty good indication of which players are in line to play the most.

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