Practice notes and observations - 4/7

Several notes and observations from the Razorbacks’ spring football practice on Thursday, which included big-time throws from Malik Hornsby and KJ Jefferson:

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Here is video from tonight’s interviews with Jadon Haselwood, Taurean Carter, Drew Sanders and Brady Latham:

Nice to see these defensive linemen start to make a move on getting better. Kudos to them and new coach.


Scottie you say you see the DL in the backfield all the time concerns me as an old OL coach,why do you think that is happening especially given the experience of this OL.

I literally shot this video on my phone. How exactly am I supposed to turn the volume up?

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Sam said Tuesday that he’s not worried about the offensive line. Verbatim, he added he doesn’t want that to be a headline, because they’re going to be fine there. They’ve got guys who have proven they can play in the SEC.

The defensive line is probably a bit ahead at this point in the spring on account of what Deke Adams is teaching his group and how it is responding to him, then add in the fact Dalton Wagner has been in and out and Cody Kennedy is moving and trying players at various spots. It isn’t a concern for me right now. Maybe it would be different if Arkansas was through eight days in fall camp.


Scottie, my ignorance showing. I wonder if they could make sure the players get closer to the mike. From my vantage point, you are doing an incredible job. I skip quite a few of the interviews and this is one of the reasons. I usually prefer to read a transcript, but it is a real plus to hear their voices and see their exuberance.

My point is that when you have to get video with a phone, the volume depends on how loudly the people being interviewed speak. With my phone, I’m not plugged into the mult box that gets the audio from the mics, which is better quality.

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