Practice notes and observations - 4/5

Arkansas practiced inside Razorback Stadium on Tuesday. Some notes from the hour I took in:

• Players in green jerseys: Jalen Catalon, Jadon Haselwood. Rocket Sanders was out of the green top he wore last week.

Trey Knox, Pooh Paul, Terry Wells and Landon Jackson were present but not in pads. Did not see Dalton Wagner.

• Arkansas signee Isaiah Sategna watched practice today. Several players came up and talked to him. He decided not to go through spring ball so he could compete in track at Fayetteville High.

• Deke Adams is intense and his voice truly carries. He’s demanding and guys respond well to his messages. He huddled the D-line together after what he considered an unfocused sequence.

“If you want to be great, guys, you’ve got to put the work in,” he yelled. Sounds like a standard line, but the tone he delivered it in was just different. It resonated.

• Linebackers and running backs went head to head in a rush/pass pro drill. Rocket vs. Bumper Pool was a good matchup. Sam Pittman set aside time after reps by AJ Green and Rashod Dubinion to talk with them. Very intentional, technique-centric conversations.

• The best catch I saw today came from Haselwood. Matched 1-on-1 against Anthony Brown, he made a one-handed grab in which he contorted his body toward the sideline. Malik Hornsby threw the pass.

Jaedon Wilson also caught a deep ball for what would’ve been a score from Hornsby.

• Attention to detail in special teams is evident. There was a period with 4-5 different groups working on various aspects of it, from gunners crowding yet giving returners space to catch all the way down to shield work.

• In some team work, Dubinion had a pair of nice carries that drew oohs and ahs from teammates. After the second run, I turned to Clay to ask what he thought of the runs. “He reads with his eyes.”

• I’ll have depth chart notes shortly.


thank you Scotty, I really appreciate this info!


Sam Pittman just said Pooh Paul got a concussion in the scrimmage over the weekend. That’s why he wasn’t in pads today.

Depth chart

Here is what I could come up with for the defense:


Eric Gregory

Eric Thomas

JJ Hollingsworth


Isaiah Nichols

Cameron Ball


Taurean Carter

Marcus Miller


Zach Williams

Jashaud Stewart

Mataio Soli


Bumper Pool

Jackson Woodard

Kaden Henley


Drew Sanders

Jordan Crook

Brooks Both


Hudson Clark

LaDarrius Bishop

Keuan Parker


Dwight McGlothern

Malik Chavis

Chase Lowery


Myles Slusher

Jacorrei Turner

Anthony Brown AND Jaylen Lewis


Jalen Catalon

Latavious Brini

Khari Johnson


Simeon Blair

Jayden Johnson

Trent Gordon


Here is a breakdown of the offense. Players listed as an OR shared reps with a particular team:


KJ Jefferson

Malik Hornsby

Lucas Coley OR Cade Fortin


Rocket Sanders OR AJ Green

Rashod Dubinion OR Javion Hunt

James Jointer Jr. OR Dennis Daniels


Hudson Henry

Nathan Bax

Tyrus Washington OR Erin Outley


Warren Thompson OR Malik Hornsby

Jaedon Wilson

Quincey McAdoo


Jadon Haselwood

Bryce Stephens

Chris Harris


Ketron Jackson Jr.

Harper Cole

Landon Rogers


Luke Jones

Devon Manuel

Andrew Chamblee


Brady Latham

Jalen St. John

Cole Carson


Ricky Stromberg

Marcus Henderson

Eli Henderson


Beaux Limmer

Ricky Stromberg OR E’Marion Harris

Josh Street


Ty’Kieast Crawford

Brady Latham

E’Marion Harris

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Landon Rogers now at WR not TE. Interesting. Is that recent move or started spring ball there?

Dubinion has great feet. But it’s his vision that makes him special.

Cade Fortin did not have near the practice that I’ve been told his been his norm.

Ty’Kieast Crawford has really changed his quickness. I like him a lot.

Ricky Stromberg looked good in some right guard reps while Marcus Henderson played center. Henderson has not been perfect with the snap but there were no apparent botches today.

KJ Jefferson took off on a scramble. I thought Drew Sanders was out of position but he made a horizontal cut and tracked him quickly. He has really solid speed.

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I thought Dubinion might have a chance to help us this year if it was just on special teams. He knows how to run the ball. This running back group is incredibly good, going to be really hard to keep them all happy. Good problem to have though.

So much for that third-team DE…

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Great job Scottie. Really appreciate the info, September cannot get here quick enough

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I keep awaiting a report on AJ Green having a great practice. I know he put on some needed weight.

Maybe he does not have the vision Clay mentions above? His high school highlights were mainly him making one cut and outrunning everyone. I never got a handle on how hard he ran or how well he see’s lanes.

That said, he electric on more than one occasion last season. I hope the light comes on. Seems like a great, respectful kid.

I really really really hope AJ gets a chance to shine, since he has such great speed and balance. when he got the rock last season, he did very well-TX and A&M games I recall in particular. I’m a huge fan of his and really think he could be a weapon for us.

when did we last have a backfield like this? McFadden, Felix and Payton were great, and Michael Smith had to wait for carries. I don’t think we have McFadden on this roster, but Dominique, Rocket, AJ and Dubinion is a nice group.


Yeah I’m a big AJ fan as well and I’ve noticed he never seems to get outlandish praise from Sam. When DJ gets back you know he’s going to pretty much go straight to the top of the group and Rocket appears to be having a great spring as well.My biggest fear for AJ is he does not get the touches he needs to keep him here after this year and goes into the portal. I think with him it’s more the pass blocking, but IMO he is the most dynamic RB we have on this team.

The kind of speed he possesses is very rare for a kid who’s 210 lb.AJ is a strong kid and runs the ball hard I remember against Alabama on 4th and about 1 he got hit about a yard behind the line of scrimmage and literally carried two guys a yard past the first down marker that showed me great leg drive. I love DJ but Rocket and AJ give us a back who can take it to the house every time they break the line of scrimmage and DJ does not offer that possibility. I think he can be very valuable inside the 10 yard line or in short yardage but other than that I would stick with Rocket and AJ and split their carries evenly.


Maybe AJ has not mastered pass pro like the others?

That’s what I’m thinking may be the problem… He’s been here long enough to know it backwards and forwards by now. I really don’t know what the problem could be, but he better figure it out,because he’s got way too much talent to let that hold him back. Pass pro is really not that complicated

Scottie shows AJ as co-first team RB in his depth chart. Sounds like AJ must be doing okay.

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AJ looks great. So does Rocket. No issues with either one. Speed, power and elusiveness oozes from this group.


Great opportunity for AJ with more reps to make impressions on the staff this spring with Dominique Johnson out. I don’t know that any of them have mastered pass pro. That’s incredibly tough. Rocket, I would say, is farthest along there just having played more on Saturdays.

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Pass pro has a feel to it. Must recognize defensive fronts and have great knowledge of blocking schemes up front.

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Yeah and that just comes with reps. The more you do it the better you become. I think I read where Sam had talked to him and another running back about Pass protection

AJ and Dubinion. It’s in one of the bullets in the OP.

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