Practice notes and observations - 4/13


Any idea why Taurean Carter wasn’t practicing? I sure hope he has a 100% recovery.

ever since I upgraded from Windows 7 desktop to Windows 11 laptop I have struggled with this site. Can’t even find the “new post” option so I’ll have to place my question here. I have seen no comments about us getting DT Booker…seems like a huge/necessary get…where is the enthusiasm.?

I will look for TC at this afternoon’s practice. I’m not really concerned that he’s injured. Perhaps giving him a breather after pushing that knee pretty good for 10-plus workouts.

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Here’s the reaction. I think a lot of people are focused on Muss in the portal instead of football recruiting.

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Thanks, Swine! I was starting to wonder. I thought he was a huge get…maybe a savior, but could not find any comments.

Scottie, I had seen this, but nothing else.

I guess it will be summer before he arrives. (?)


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Carter is fine. I do not think they want to risk anything. He’s less than a year out from serious knee reconstruction. Some days you need to rest it.


I guess that was a dumb question. :roll_eyes:

We all do it at some point. Or dumb answers.

Taurean practiced at full-go on Friday and got in on the team periods of the workout. He had a brace on the knee he injured at this time last year, but otherwise looked good to me. So, no worries with TC.


Good to hear we need him and Big Booker to be ready by September

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Looks like we’re going to give Manuel a chance to take the LT spot. I’m glad to see he lost a lot of weight because he was never going to play as heavy as he was… hopefully he can do the job but if not we will just move Latham out there I believe.

Kutas is going to be a stud and I believe Harris will be too… I’ve heard great things about big Braun as well.

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