PPV - Pandora's box?

I’ve paid for my football tickets. I’ve also paid my full foundation donation. The other sports tickets were not yet available, so they aren’t paid.

Tickets have been paid for. Got it. :+1:t3:

When I spoke to Yurachek a couple of weeks back he said something to the effect that they are planning as if those who renewed will follow through and pay for them. I took that as though payments were not due yet.

Tickets have been paid for, donations have to be paid in June.

Back to the original question of PPV, I think the hope was that the schools would never have to deal with PPV again when the SEC first teamed up with ESPN in 2009. I always got the sense that the PPVs were a headache for the schools to produce.

Arkansas had a few football PPVs in 2008. I remember there were lots of technical problems.

I would think the SECN technical setup would be utilized and would avoid a lot of those issues. However I agree that PPV isn’t going to happen. ESPN is paying a lot of money to this conference and all the football games are available somewhere already.

Attendance might suck, but TV ratings will be through the roof. ESPN won’t give up those

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