PPG avg

I think we break into the 80’s this season as we continue to improve it. Hoping to continue to the march upward to the low 90ppg avg we had in the NC year. Busting into the hopefully mid to upper 80’s would be great, but I’m just happy to see the eighty’s again.

The top scoring team in the country averaged 86 ppg last year. This ain’t the 90s any more. Nobody in the SEC averaged over 80.

We averaged 78.2 last year which was 54th nationally, by the way. UK led the SEC at 79.5.

I thought all year that as well as we shot threes (.397, 12th in the country), we should have shot more of them; we only tried 17 threes a game and made about 7. But probably the best thing we can do to increase PPG is get more steals on defense, and it seems we’ve got a lot more athletes this year to do that if the refs can keep from blowing the peas out of their whistles.

Well it’s good to know we will break the SEC ceiling of a year ago.

Too many timeouts:

Each team is granted one 60-second timeout and three 30-second timeouts per game in addition to the media timeouts (at the first dead ball under 16, 12, 8 and 4 minutes remaining in each half). A maximum of three 30-second timeouts may carry over into the second half. Any called timeout that occurs within the 30 seconds prior to a scheduled media timeout break automatically takes the place of the upcoming media timeout, with the only exception to this rule being the first called timeout of the second half. A timeout cannot be called by a coach when the ball is live.

Averaging 80 somethin’ points a game would be great, but I really don’t care if it’s 75 ppg as long as its a W.

What does this have to do with the OP? Are you somehow contending that timeouts reduce scoring? There are fewer timeouts now than there were when we were scoring 90+ a game 25 years ago; they’ve changed the rules since then.

I got attached to Razorback basketball in the Sutton era, when low scoring games were not uncommon. One of the most gripping games I’ve ever encountered was the famous 39-38 game with Texas in the SWC tournament in 1979. Because there was so little scoring, you knew any mistake – a missed layup, missed free throw, turnover, foul, whatever – could be what decided the game. So I have absolutely no problem with low scoring games, as long as we have one more point at the end than the other guys. I watch Hog games to cheer for the Hogs, not necessarily to be entertained by a lot of points. If we score a lot of points, fine, but the W is the thing.

It’s going to be about the defense, not about the offense.

They will score plenty.

Have to defend better and they appear to have the players to do so this season

It’s always about the D, but the 80 PPG will sure help. Just glad that offense won’t be the defense.

Swine it was only my opinion as to why the game had become a less desirable in my book. Whenever a high octane possession team finds its momentum, it can easily be stifled by the (4) available timeouts provided to each team per half (which imo would be better served at 3) besides the required (4) media timeouts each half.

Last season I witnessed games where their were (10) timeouts called in contest…To be honest I had no idea that in the 90’s their were more than (10 timeouts called in a 40 minute game) So I must give you props on that bit of knowledge.
I agree I would take a 59-58 win in a heartbeat rather than a 100-99 loss.

Gaseous I kinda hope we milk that shot clock, work it around the horn and are very selective with our shots. Looking for an undefeated season by boring our opponents to death. Maybe average about 58 to our opponents 52. What do ya think? :wink: