Powerful NASCAR moment at Talladega

This made me tear up.

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The long shot of pushing the car down pit road with everyone walking behind was very striking.

I can’t believe some knuckledragger hung that noose in the garage. I’m sure he thought it was immensely funny, and that he’d get support from other knuckledraggers, but it’s going to get some people eliminated from the sport.

They’ve got to i.d. the perp, though. People who do this usually do it anonymously.

Pretty sure there are cameras in the garage area. And now the FBI is on the case.

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Good. Hope they find out

This story confirms that they’re looking at cameras in the garage area.


This will probably be another Jussie Smollett moment. You do remember that one, right? It probably wasn’t on your news channel but that ended up being a fake attempt at racism/anti gay and I hope he goes to jail. The garage area is very secure with cameras. Limited access by a select group. Anyone in there knew that the place had cameras. If they can’t find footage or if they can’t make out who it was then that will be the first red flag that it was all made up and a PR attempt by NASCAR or his owner to gain more sponsors. I hope I am wrong but if 2020 has taught us anything, expect the unexpected.

The car owner is Richard Petty. You might have heard of him. He wasn’t there yesterday but he’s there now. NASCAR was the one who told Bubba Wallace that the noose had been found; he never saw it. I doubt seriously if NASCAR would have called in the FBI to investigate a self-perpetuated hoax.

Getting this response from you? Not a surprise.

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If it is a Smollet thing, it will come out. In this day and age, you can’t suppress anything. It may take time, but it will come out or leaked out.

I call them korncracker rednecks. They are stupid!

LOL. Amazing.

It was a serpentine belt lying on the floor. How someone mistakes that for a noose is beyond comprehension. https://mobile.twitter.com/bloges1776/status/1275259181730332673

Really? That is suppose to be a noose? Can’t imagine what a serpentine belt was doing in a NASCAR Garage! They only change those things out constantly.

Perhaps there really is something to this, but it has to be more than this. I have no idea what else there may be, but for all of this fuss, I hope there was something.

I suspect the same rope used to close Bubba’s Garage Door may have been altered to a real hangman’s noose with 13 rings and slips easily tight with long end of rope thru the middle. Illegal knot in some states.
Bowline knot would be knot of choice for ropes on garage doors - easily makes a loop that doesn’t slip and easily untied.
But we will soon find out if it was hoax, prank or big mistake.


If it is a hoax, it is on Team Bubba Wallace or Bubba himself, If it is a prank, it is on the confederacy loving group or person. Would the big mistake be on Richard Petty, the owner?

There has got to be more to this than just a belt on the floor to gain this type reaction. I see that picture above and think surly there is more than this. I thought there was a rope made into a noose. No way can that be tolerated. I guess we will learn just what is what. I know Wallace is a good and respected driver.

The drivers and teams have all sorts of clashes and rivalries. It is the nature of the sport, but in the end, they really are a pretty close nit group.

I’m not buying that for a nanosecond. Nobody confuses a serpentine belt for a noose. Especially anyone who spends time around cars. As was already pointed out, NASCAR engines don’t use serpentine belts. That is the large belt on the front of the engine that runs all of the parts and accessories. A rope fashioned into a noose and a large fabric and rubber belt are not in any way going to be seen as the same. Even if there is a belt on those cars, it can’t be a noose.

Here you go guys.

For those that didn’t know, Bubba Wallace wasn’t even at the track Sunday when the noose was found. Now, as to who put it there, all I can say is it wasn’t Bubba.

I didn’t buy that serpentine belt claim. People know what a noose looks like. The most likely explanation is someone put a noose there.

I agree with this, the crew member that found it would have know if it was a belt.