Power 5 AD predicts pay to play football

Where the football programs would be separate from their schools and football would break away from the NCAA. UA would rent RRS, the Smith Center and the practice field out to the football program. And football would be removed from the Title IX math – and from funding the minor sports. If football players also wanted to be students, they could, but they would not be compelled to enroll, and they would get paid. How much is a big question.


It might come to that. I hope it doesn’t happen in my lifetime


If it comes to that, I’m done. Will just watch pro sports, which I’m not that really invested in.


Same here. That’s when I will bow out.

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I’d say there will be a lot of folks refusing to watch something like that. But I can’t imagine it getting there.

Frankly, we are already basically there. A few details need working out but the concept is already there, has been a while actually.

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I agree. I love my Hogs, but that would be so different I would be done.

I’m not sure how I feel about this; to some extent I’m going to have to see what it actually looks like, if it happens.

In many ways, the Hogs have been the state’s pro team for decades. People whose butt has never been parked in a college classroom desk anywhere, much less at UA, follow and support the team. It’s the state’s team to them, not the university’s team. For those people it doesn’t make any difference whether the players enroll.

I wonder if people got worked up when athletic scholarships became legal in the 1950s. Seems to me that was as drastic a change as the one suggested in this article.

I could see a system where you have two types of compensation packages:

  1. For the students who are not really at the institution to get a degree. Pay them a salary for a year, with insurance, and room and board with the team. But, they are not under scholarship and have no obligations to be in a classroom. Their job is to perform. However, these salaried positions should be merit-based. In other words, if you don’t perform, it’s fair for the coaching staff to say, “we’re not paying you for this.” You can convert them to scholarship, but you can also just be let go.

  2. Scholarship athletes who have every intention of finishing a degree and moving on to something else–or trying their hand at the professional level. This is the more traditional route.

Now, might they limit these salaried positions to like 5 on a given team? Maybe. That might make it interesting.

But, who are we kidding? The writing for this has been on the wall now for quite some time. It’s coming, whether we want it to or not.

Just for the record, I would rather it not.

That’s kinda what the article suggested. If the kid wants to get an education, part of the compensation is converted to a scholie. If not, straight pay to play. But it would be up to the kid. And certainly not everyone would get the same compensation. But that’s the case now in the equivalency sports. DVH gives some kids on the baseball team more money than he does others.

This is the part that worries me most.

To set the record straight, I’m not a dues-paying member of the anti-change crowd. Things have always changed, things are currently undergoing change, and things will continue to change in the future. I’m certainly not going to get all up in arms over whatever the NCAA, Conferences, Power 5s, individual Institutions, etc. decide to do with the way college football is managed going forward.

Unfortunately, college football doesn’t operate in a vacuum; it supports a great many other lesser sports. Therein lies my concern.

At the UofA, MBB and baseball can pretty much stand alone (most years). The other 16 sports, not so much. And although football is king, I personally get as much enjoyment from (and take as much pride in) following/supporting those other teams (especially soccer, WBB, softball, & volleyball).

The thought of these programs losing the progress they’ve made over the years should they lose their football funding is the part that saddens me.

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Excellent points.

I agree. Amateur athletics are gone and have been for some time. The gloves are off. My question is where is the money to pay players coming from in the future. What type of system will evolve from this?

It’s gonna come from TV, and from sponsors/donors, and from us. And NIL would still be on top of this.

A deep dive into the article I linked above says that if Olympic/minor sports are to continue, the university would have to raise a whole bunch of money through license and lease fees (license in that the independent football program would be paying the university to continue to use the Arkansas Razorbacks brand and logos, lease to use the facilities like RRS). So the football program would still be supporting the minor sports, but less directly than it does now. The other option would be to charge the students, which UA has been proud of avoiding, and/or pay for it out of university funds like Jonesboro Tech or UCA do.

Copy. Hopefully less directly wouldn’t also translate to less total funding.

Passing the financial burden onto the students shouldn’t be the solution. :roll_eyes:

Playing with some numbers, from UA’s report to the feds:

Football had game-day expenses of $7 million in whatever year that was. Total football expenses were $43 million that year. Football revenue was $70 million – a profit of $27 million. Revenue of all sports except football and basketball was $5.7 million, but that includes baseball. Then there was $28 million of revenue not allocated by sport. Is that SEC money or RF donors or some of both? I have no idea.

Total expenses for all sports but football and hoops were $27 million, which again includes baseball.

Yeah there would be increased expenses for football in this brave new world, including player compensation above and beyond what they’re paying now for scholies (all men’s sports totaled $6.7 million, most of which was football). But football still brings in enough to cover the minor sports and compensation (and that’s before the new SEC TV deal kicks in, however big that gets once EOE and Zero U join).

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