Poultry up 15-0 on Tar Heels

In the Mayo Bowl. They’ve tried two passes, one a trick play, completed both for 60-yard-plus TDs. Then a two-point pass after the second TD.

UNC didn’t show much defense in the games I saw this year, so not surprising the Chickens have taken advantage. Kinda weird that SoCar may get the first SEC bowl win though, although it’s still early (mid-first quarter).

Mid-second quarter, 18-7 Poultry. UNC got a 63 yard TD run, which is the shortest touchdown play of the game so far.

Mid-third quarter, Poultry up 32-21. Finally had some TDs of under 60 yards, but defense remains a rumor at this point (Chickens already well over 400 yards offense).

The shortest TD play so far is a 35-yard run.

38-21 final. Poultry breaks the SEC schneid in bowl games for 2021.

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