Poultry making it interesting against Tennessee

Now 28-14 Chickens after 20 minutes of play.

63-38 final cockies win.

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I’ve felt all year that Tennessee was kind of smoke and mirrors. They got the mirrors enough to beat Bama, but now Jawja and the Poultry both whupped them.

Tomorrow at church orange Vol shirts will be missing. But one guy will have his Hog shirt on….guess who?


And if we beat Misery we finish 4-4 in the SEC again. The only difference from last year is losing the NC game to Liberty by about an inch.

Oh yeah, we’ll be trying to keep Dorkwitz out of a bowl too.


Lots of motivation for us. Rushing title for Rocket, .500 in SEC, spoiling Mizzou’s bowl hopes. We need to own those guys.


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