Poultry lost two guys with ACL tears Saturday

It was rugged on both sides.

Hate to hear that. Don’t like to see anyone lost for the season. (Especially AFTER we’ve played them.)


Wow, losing two LBs - and having to next play UGA - that’s tough.

Terrible for them, hate to see players out with injuries. These players put enormous effort and time to play at this level.

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another tuff game coming up with Ga. too.

I hate seeing injuries to anybody, I don’t care what team it is. I saw an SC commentator say he thought one of them likely won’t play football again–such a shame. Strange thing about it was, he said he thought both were hurt on the same play.

All that being said, I love that we are back to be a really physical team–that’s all on Sam. We had gotten away from it for far too long.