Potentially a good move for Arkansas

Highly recruited 2021 QB Aaron McGlaughlin enrolled today at Denmark HS in Ga. the same school as 2020 WR Ze’Vian Capers.

McGlaughlin played at Buford this past season. He attended an Arkansas camp last summer and was very impressed.

Arkansas native and UA grad Terry Crowder is the coach at Denmark while former Hog DL Patrick Jones is the DL coach at the school.

McGlaughlin camp story: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … erience-2/

Agree Richard

Buford high School is an absolute beast! They got beat this year but they routinely win the state championship and produce high D1 players. He will have been well-coached. I get so tired of kids being surprise how nice Arkansas is. I know we send out a lot of stuff but evidently it’s still not resonating that this is a very great place to live.

You can do the best marketing, but kids won’t believe until they see for themselves.

Evidently…bc you always hear kids say how nice it is you think the word would get out.

Hearing how shocked these kids seem to be when they visit, I’m starting to think they all have 2 opinions only about the programs they visit.
1 - Shocked or very impressed by the school & facilities. For programs like ours.
2 - Awesome school & facilities just as I imagined. For the elite programs like you know who.

The coach was fired. You talk about high expectations. https://www.gainesvilletimes.com/sports … 2-seasons/

It’s all about expections…
I’d rather they not expect as much and be blown away, rather than, expect a lot & be disappointed!! Just my opinion.