Potential commits this weekend?

Richard or Dudley do you see any potential for any commits this weekend?

With the addition of Ratschke how many O lineman do we take in this class? Any graduate transfers possible here?


I would put Devin Bush on the list.

I see two-three more OL. Graduate transfer definitely a possibility.

Yes, I would say that Devin Bush could pull the trigger.

I would suspect that if Greg Brooks, Jr., decides to flip from Mississippi State, he would do it after talking to the Bulldog staff and not while on the trip.

Rathcke replaced Stone so nothing really changed in the numbers in that regard

RD/DD, I know y’all say all of our guys are expected to stick with the Hogs, but what happens to a guy like Brooks if Catalon, Bush, AND Brooks jump on board? I think I’ve heard he’s been injured all year. I wouldn’t want him being scared away because he looks like a gamer

Don’t see him jumping off.

If that happens, then Arkansas coaches and fans should be thrilled.

I think they would get all 3 in somehow.

Catalon was hurt in the second quarter of his season opener at Jenks that I went over to see.

He’s a beast. You have to get him in.

Chavis was hosted by Kevin Richardson and Greg Brooks by Scoota.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … sas-great/

Couldn’t help but notice you didn’t include Myles Brooks in this article.

I think that was just an oversight.

He’s in there…now.

I get the feeling that Brooks spot may be in jeopardy depending on if a certain player decides he wants to come. I’m all for upgrades, that’s how you end up winning.

Greg has a spot if he wants it.