Potential changes to NCAA

Wow. That would be a big deal for baseball for sure, and probably track as well at UA.

The full story:

Assuming Title XI still matters, the key becomes how many women’s scholarships can a school afford. Taking the limits off of baseball or track only results in more scholarships if you can balance out that number with women’s scholarships in a given sport, or cannibalize other men’s sports to keep those numbers equal.

Of course, track scholarships apply to both sexes, so that effect should be negligible.

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Yeah if you give DVH more scholies you have to give Courtney more as well. I don’t think there’s an official roster limit like there is in baseball (and it sounds like the SEC would be free to set or change one anyway), but most softball coaches keep 15-19 on the roster with 12 scholies. Courtney has 27 on the roster right now.

And Title IX definitely still matters, and will unless they completely sever the student-athlete connection and make athletes paid employees.

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Yeah that will be an absolute game changer for baseball and hopefully they will find a way to get past the 11.7 scholarships which is always been ridiculous.

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In poking through some related stories this morning, there is some sentiment within the SEC that it can eliminate partial scholarships entirely. Every SEC athlete would get a full ride, subject to the limits (which the conferences are likely to change). Football is not likely to go beyond 85 scholies anytime soon, but I could definitely see 25/27 full rides in baseball/softball, and 20/25 in track/XC (current limit is 12.6/18).


The other good thing would be the ability to expand the number of coaches, especially for baseball!

I like the changes. The incredibly low limit in baseball has been awful. Title IX is gonna be an issue, but it’d be easy enough to add some to softball, too. Same with track. Add some to soccer.

I don’t know exactly what the ratio of male-female must be, but SEC schools shouldn’t have a hard time making it. Lower tier schools like ASU will probably have a tough time. I could see them dropping baseball & men’s track. I bet they will do everything they can to try to make football competitive with the SEC & Big 10. If that means dropping every other men’s sport, they’ll likely do it.

I’m old enough to remember when Jonesboro Tech was a track power, with Olympians like Earl Bell and Thomas Hill (yes, the one whose son played hoops at Duke). And Arkansas stunk at track. Then we hired John McDonnell, who started recruiting Irishmen, and…

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Yeah, I remember that, too. I don’t remember a Thomas Hill, but I do remember Earl Bell because of the Olympics. I paid very little attention to track at the time. Can’t say I pay a lot of attention to it now, except that I’m thrilled the UA is so dominant in the sport. Nobody can match what McDonnell did here. Built a monster from absolutely nothing.

Interesting. Have no memory of him whatsoever.

Apparently he came to ASWho as a high jumper and Guy Kochel converted him to the hurdles. Good move. He eventually became a college administrator and was a VP at Iowa State most recently.

The coach that took ASU to track heights was Guy Kochel a fellow Pine Bluff native. A good guy in every respect.

Earl Bell, now there is a name I had forgotten. Wow, I remember, pole vaulter. Hill not as familiar, must have been a sprinter. Ooops, hurdles, had to go look. :sunglasses:

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