What is the deal with the pictures of potatoes in the Hogpen?

Taters are homers in baseball slang.

Big flies. Dingers.

Lots of ways to describe home runs.

Makes sense.

Bubba & Phil couldn’t figure out the tater thing last week. It was funny

I balked first time I saw it. Then was mad it myself for not getting it. Duh.

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I have read that the potato signs actually originated when Carson Shaddy was here. A guy in the bullpen apparently thought his name sounded Irish, and he made a comment relating to Shaddy needing to get a hit to get his taters, or something like that. Shaddy had a good game with some hits, and so apparently the potato signs have continued, even after Shaddy left, although I hadn’t noticed them until people started talking about them this weekend.

I was in Fayetteville for the first 2 games this past weekend. Heard more than one refer to Welch as 'Charlie Tater" so i figured it was a sign for him…although “others may apply”.

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