The game will be played at 10 tomorrow morning. … il-friday/

Is that central time?

I’m not sure what weather app y’all use but mine has the highest percentage of storms for tomorrow starting…at 10 in the morning :joy: this is a hot mess.

Yes, and for future reference all of the times we post are Central time zone because that is the time in Arkansas.

This whole thing’s been a mess if there’s a rain delay in the morning like there has been the last two days you run the chance of losing knight and further depleting our bullpen. Somehow you got to win that game

There is one good thing about this the players can get a good nights rest. Advantage goes to the winner of the Auburn vs Texas A&M game. That’s the team that I think will benefit the most from this.
This is a lot better than our players being up all night !
The one thing that needs to be done is don’t mess up the pitching before the regional.

And if we lose we play back to back. Lord help the church.

I use AccuWeather
62% chance in the morning. Shows thunderstorms during the 10 and 11:00 hrs.
41% chance tomorrow night

According to the National Weather Service, the rain will be mainly after 2 p.m.

The loser of the Arkansas-Florida game will play the late game Friday, somewhere around 7:30 p.m., weather permitting.

I like that one better!

I’m glad someone had a thread on this because when you click the link or picture at top of page you can read one line and the amazon ad is back. And I know this is a difficult thing to get erased but why does it only happen on this site.

I can find nothing on SEC websites that says anything about game has been postponed. Interesting to say the least!

Hope we become the first to have dome football and baseball stadiums with retractable roofs.

Razorwill I haven’t had a pop up in a while now.
The one thing that’s most important to me isn’t winning the SEC tournament. It’s being ready for the regional and being healthy. Get Blaine Knight and Campbell some work as starters. Get the bull pen guys some work and fresh. If you need another starter to pitch then piece it together.
Cronin, Loeske, Rheindl, Scroggins and Ramage need a little more work. Get some swings for the players at the plate and have fun. if they win the SEC tournament or not that’s not the number 1 goal!

Move the tournament to Fayetteville every year and stop the madness…

It don’t make sense to play the SEC baseball tournament every year in Hoover!
They need to rename the SEC and the SEC network to the Alabama conference.
There will be rain in a lot of regionals and super regionals played in the southeast over the next 2 weeks.