Anyone having problems posting?

I’ve had no problems bluegrass.

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Seems to be hit or miss for me today


Never had this before

Oh well - have a great Thanksgiving

This Mizzou family is arriving now lol

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Awaiting approval means something in your post triggered the filters and a moderator is going to have to okay the post. I can’t see the entire post so not sure what it might be. I used to trigger the filters all the time when I spelled out SAO for Will Wade.


Thanks fir the update Jeff

On a FB hog board we all were getting Grief fir posting WPS - oh well - AI doesn’t understand context

Have a wondeful Happy Hog Thanksgiving Jeff

It can be four letter words, or it can be political stuff. I think the name of either major political party will trigger the filter, or either one of the last two presidents.

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Clay - TYSM for the note

Not sure how my auto spell came up with that word

Not in my vocabulary

TYSM For correcting it - be it you or so one else