Posting this for a friend

Was talking the demise of Razorback Football with my buddy after the game and before he left he dropped this little nugget on me and told me to post this, he figured some would agree, so here goes.

He said… “I can’t believe I would have ever reached this point, but I have.”
“What point is that?” I asked.
He said… “I’m at the point, I miss Houston Dale Nutt. Almost unbelievable isn’t it.”

There ya go. I heard it. I posted it. I am not sure I can say he is wrong either.

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All of you owe Elmo an apology. You were told and crucified the guy.

Now look where we are.

Whatever! Elmo didn’t know what he was talking about.

I still say it’s way too early to just dump all over Morris. I mean look at SMU now with all of Morris’ players. It takes time and Elmo’s logic was based off third hand comments from a player that couldn’t even play for Morris.

Ok…keep those thoughts. Recruiting isn’t coaching.

This guy just isn’t a good head coach. We hired the wrong guy.

And the sooner that Jerry, and the people at the UA who are responsible for this find a real coach, the sooner we can get back to respectability.

That’s your opinion and I have mine. We’ll just have to see.

I’m not going to agree or disagree about Morris. I have my doubts, but he walked into Tito Bert’s (ain’t that right Jackson). So, it’s got to be fixed. Is he the right guy? Don’t know.

I do think Chavis is not.

However, I’ve had an issue with the pay ever since Gus said no. Supposedly we were offering him $7 million and $3.5 million for OC and DC (have to think Venebles was being courted as DC). Then all of a sudden we offered a HC without a proven D1 record less than what we were supposedly offering just the coordinators. Where did the money go? Same when they fired Mike (no disrespect meant for Muss, but) why was there not top notch offers out? From his own mouth, Few hinted at wanting out of Gonzaga, offering him $6 mil should have been on the table. I’m pretty sure both the entire FB staff and BB staff are getting less than the supposed offer to Gus. So, I say again, where did the money go (not to mention they quit paying Bret).

SMU is winning with a bunch of new players, including Shane Beuchele from UT. Pretty big roster turnover from what Morris had. And, Sonny Dykes is a good coach. Unlike Morris’s teams, his teams play physical and tough.

Go Ponies!!

That’s not totally true, most of the upperclassmen playing are still Morris’ former players.

I don’t know enough about SMU to know who was there, but when you look at their depth chart, 18 kids are listed as RS or transfer (and two SO). Not sure how many of those RS’s belong to Chad.

Tons of transfers. Look at the two deep. He’s winning more with his players, especially at critical positions.

General - need to look at the SMU depth chart. The roster flip via transfers is quite significant.

Fair enough

No, I don’t miss HDN at all.

Three top twenty-five finishes in ten seasons. Should that be the benchmark of success now?

Kinda miss Reggie Herring, though.