Postgame Thoughts: SC 77, Arkansas 65 … kansas-65/

“It’s fairly inexcusable for the Razorbacks to not only let a pair of freshmen light them up and turn the game on a dime in no time at all, but to completely collapse in the second half the way they did.”

What does that mean? Inexcusable?

Give South Carolina some credit. Great 3 point shooting was the difference. Just like it was for us against LSU. Basketball is mostly about making shots.

They are still piglets.

Two steps forward and one back. They took one back today.

This team still has some good basketball to play this season.

Spot on and why NCAA tourney today feels out of reach for program

“It’s fairly inexcusable for the Razorbacks to not only let a pair of freshmen light them up and turn the game on a dime in no time at all, but to completely collapse in the second half the way they did. Arkansas was rolling along with a 13-point lead with under 16 minutes to play. Bailey threw down his dunk and all of the momentum was on the Razorbacks’ side. South Carolina looked shook for a moment.”

Until the hogs learn to play for 40 minutes on both ends it’s a waste of time to even consider them an NCAA tournament team!
They looked good for parts of today’s game and looked lost the other parts of the game. South Carolina isn’t as good as the hogs made them look. Our hogs lack depth and experience and it shows.
Start off with a point guard that makes good decisions. And the list goes on.
On defense it’s horrible to continue to leave 3 point shooters wide open.

It’s not the end of the world, to many fans get to high and some get to low, we need to find some middle ground and settle down. This is the same team that beat LSU and then today this happens,the question is which team is the real team and the answer is both, it’s youth and inexperience with no definitive leader on the court all which breeds inconsistency. I did not see the game as I was traveling but did listen to the game and it sounded like we got a good lead and then we lost out defensive intensity and the rest was history. WPS

Hogbacker you took a hammer and hit the nail on the head and drove it home. Where did that team go that beat LSU.
They are youthful and lack experience but it basic to play defense and run offense.
They imploded by not playing defense and throwing up hero ball one on one shots trying to knock holes in the floor. They looked better against Texas Tech than they did today.
Wide open uncontested 3’s 10/15 for South Carolina. Harris had 16 shot attempts and Gafford had 5! They failed to value possessions and that’s what lost the lead the second time today.

Therefore, like every other team in the SEC, they will continue to improve. All teams short of injuries or other misfortune, are better late in the season than at the beginning.

Arkansas led by 13 with under 16 minutes to go, had South Carolina on the ropes then blew the game. Pretty inexcusable in my eyes. Arkansas was in full control then lost its focus and discipline. I thought the team might approach protecting a double-figure lead differently Saturday after seeing two evaporate over the last week.

Daniel picking up his third cheap foul was the turning point in the game he played horribly bad the rest of the did their part last night

We were too concerned with the inside. Going to the zone was a huge blunder. Terrible zone, wide-open threes. But we don’t really have enough players either. You make your choices and live with them.

I thought watching it, and still do, that we ran out of gas in the last six or seven minutes. Gafford most of all but the rest of the team was not much better. Vince Lombardi said “Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” Don’t know about cowardice but lack of focus and execution was certainly evident.

What everyone ignores is that home teams always make a run to cut into the lead. 13 point lead with 16 minutes to go is fool’s gold. Too much time left. Sometimes the home team rallies and gets over the hump and sometimes it doesn’t.

Unless one team is far superior to the other, runs happen even for a road team. The only difference is getting over the hump and winning the game is rare for road team whereas it happens more times for a home team than we would like to believe,

Hogs do the same to other teams, home or road. Sone like to believe that only we own that trait and our opponent is not allowed to do that.

And yes, hitting threes is the way it happens. Everyone who has played knows how when you get behind, your muscles relax and you start shooting fearlessly and they mostly go in. The minute you get over the hump, the mind comes into the picture, and shots stop falling. That is why winning after getting over the jump, unless you are the home team where crowd keeps you going.

There is no doubt, it is easier to focus when playing from behind than playing with a lead. Regardless of the sport.

I hadn’t noticed until I looked at the box score again this morning, but only one player on the team played to their expected role on the team. One of the 2 who gets the most bashing on message boards, Adrio Bailey. He shot 50% from the field, 2-2 on FTs, led the team in rebounds (6), had 3 steals and NO TOs.

I would say when your four 29 minute+ guys played poorly and only 1 role player met his expected role, you will probably lose probably 90+% of the time against a decent to good team.

Harris led the team in scoring with 17, but took 16 shots to get there. He had just 2 assists and 5 TOs.
Jones shot well (3-6 3s) and led the team in assists, but discounted those assists with 5 unforced TOs.
Joe’s 3 wasn’t falling.
Gafford - well we all know it was a really bad game for him.
Chaney didn’t play poorly, but we need more than 4 points and 3 boards from him.

Hopefully, this was just one of those games where only 1 of 9 contributors played well and will always be a loss. We’ll find out tomorrow night if that was the case.