Postgame Thoughts: MU 79, Arkansas 78

Only in wins over Colorado State, FIU + Montana State was Arkansas’ offense as efficient as it was Tuesday at Missouri. Its defense, though, left a lot to be desired: … kansas-78/

The defense didn’t show up just like SC.
Maybe they might learn in the film room.
How hard is it to play man to man? A walk on scored 5 points for Missouri.
Our last possession is a snapshot of this entire season. A what if and another poorly played game. Filled with poor decisions and ill advised shots. Gabe takes a 3 on a break later in the game the drives to the hole were good but his bad plays sure make him hard to tolerate and watch. Harris makes some bone head decisions too! Heck they all do.

need to stop with the ‘young team’ excuse. Doesn’t wash anymore.

I’m with you on that. I knew we were in trouble when Adrio was the only upperclassmen on the team. He has shown some flashes just like Gabe but they are outmatched at this point.