Postgame Thoughts: Arkansas 62, Georgia Tech 61

Arkansas made only 1 shot in the final 10-plus minutes at Georgia Tech, but it was the kind of shot that makes for happy flights back to Northwest Arkansas:

Defense terrific once again.

Offense was lost against zone defenses. Middle was wide open and they tried to attack there with Whitt but he was catching the ball in a non shooting position and then trying to dribble with people all around him to get his shot off. Look for them to work on catching ball on a flash to the ball and then quickly passing or shooting

Held their own on the inside but the size difference showed up in this game and is a concern going forward. Chaney was disappointing - he was not going after loose balls and after he missed a block out assignment he did not play down the stretch. They really need to get him playing better.

Love the effort from Bailey but he made some bone headed mistakes. They have worked wonders with him so hopefully it will continue.

Shooting is horrific.

After Mason Jones’ game-winner at LSU last season I went through every box score and came up with his field goal, free throw and 3-point percentage in the final five minutes of games and overtime - what I call crunch time. With his game-winner last night, I’ve updated his numbers to this point in his career:

FG: 29/62 (46.7 percent) and 5/12 this season
3FG: 14/34 (41.1 percent) and 3/6 this season
FT: 45/54 (83.3 percent) and 8/9 this season

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First of all thanks for the time and effort to put that together. No easy task, very time consuming. Those are very good numbers for “crunch time”.

The great players all want the ball with the game on the line. Jones is not a great player but he is fearless and he clearly is the guy this team looks to and he wants the ball. He is mentally tough and he won’t make all of em but he can sure handle the pressure.