Postgame notes

Fraschilla picked Cincy because they are “going to be in the Big 12”?

What the heck does that have to do with them now?

Some of these things I hear “analysts “ say just make me scratch my head.

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Hey Doc,

He also said we had so many transfers that haven’t meshed yet and that would cause us to lose…Cincy team is loaded with transfers…these guys barely do any background work before calling these games.

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Fraschilla is a really good analyst. Well connected with coaches domestic and internationally. Would be surprising if he hadn’t done any background work on either team prior to his comments.

His “reasoning” for picking Cincinnati might have seemed weak, but he acknowledged that this game would be tight and tough to pick a winner. I think he knew this was going to be a battle between 2 well- coached, NCAA Tournament teams.

Fraschilla(sp) never mentioned Cincy having 5 transfers. Did he know that or did he just pass it over?

As far as commentators not doing there homework, I was referring more to the guys that call the games. The guy last night repeated the same ole stories from the night before. If I didn’t know any better I would have sworn he was Norman Chad from the world series of poker broadcast team.

They showed a picture of our team waiting in the tunnel and the color commentator said “there’s Chris Lykes, he went 10-10 from the line last night”…it was a light skin grad assistant with a beard with a polo on.

I tweeted to him that he was mistaken and he tweeted me right back with an apology. That broadcast team was one of the worst I’ve ever heard. Not to mention the camera getting stuck on the coach’s or promos while the game was going on.


Yeah I was surprised how Lykes had plumped up overnight

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Tremendous “team” game for these, mostly newbie, Hogs. Gotta be impressed that they looked so “jelled” after only 4 prior games.

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I met Fraschilla in Indianapolis last year and he had nothing but good things to say about the Hogs and Muss. He also told me that Shaka would leave Texas and probably land at Marquette which was a few days before it actually happened. So I would say that he is definitely connected.

I don’t doubt his connections
Just don’t see why a Big 12 team would automatically be favored
Especially since they are not in the Big12


Yea that was a pretty dumb statement. Even if they were in the big 12 why does that give them the edge over an SEC team?

Blind bias. Pro big 12- big time. Terrible reporting and the video guys must have a love for the Cincy coach.

I guess we just heard different perspectives from the same commentary. I heard Frashilla give a tongue-in-cheek “reason” that he picked Cincinnati to beat the Hogs. He was mentioning their toughness (which they are) when making the Big 12 connection. The Big 12 has been a tough basketball league with several tough teams. Of course the connection has nothing to do with Cincinnati’s team now. Pretty sure Fran knows that. :grin:

Had he picked the Hogs and mentioned our edge was because of Coach Muss’s cool designer shoes, I’m sure there would have been similar reaction from Cincinnati fans.

What was acknowledged before the game was that these 2 teams are both good and picking a winner isn’t easy. Looks like he knew what he was talking about.

I thought the play by play guy was ok, but the other guy was boring and repetitive. He reminded me of Bill Walton that what he had to say was more important than the game he was commenting on.

Walton… the 60’s were very good to Bill. Not so much since.

To many Dead concerts…

Much better to mute most if not all of the failed college coaches turned game commentators/analysts and simply watch the game!

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