Post your excuses here...

Waiting to hear all the reasons why its really OK that we lost to Mississippi State (its hard to type that without laughing or crying).

Moses Kingsley stat line looks great but he has regressed in terms of being a force in the paint. He stands and watches and does battle on the boards. On top of that our defense is offensive!

There are none.

I can read Jimmy’s descriptions of what is going on. I cannot understand why it is happening.

State is a top 3 SEC team??? :roll:

What do you mean “why it’s ok”.

I don’t think there’s a single person happy about it. But I don’t know what “it’s ok” means.

Hmmm, Well, lets see. Why it is OK would be reasons that it is really OK that we lost. I don’t really know how else to put those words.

Doesn’t seem like those are hard words to understand.

Recent reasons have been things like “we didn’t match up well”; “they have a lot more history than we do”; “it was a road game”; “they have better recruits than we do.”

Just wonder what the excuse was going to be.

That makes more sense. What is the reason we lost, is the appropriate question. Why is it “OK” doesn’t really ask anything. I don’t think it’s over “OK” to lose. Don’t think there’s a single person on this board that thinks it is “OK” to lose. So if you wanted a more detailed answer, ask a better question. But, I don’t think anyone is “OK” with us losing.

For many of the post on here after a loss (not just basketball) there are not just REASONS, but “its really not that bad” type of post. My “expanded” post actually limited my question more than I intended to (that was my fault). After this loss, the classic “this is why the loss is really OK” (not saying anyone likes it, but many try to minimize any and all losses) is “it didn’t hurt our RPI that much and they will keep winning and end up not being a bad loss come March.” The other one was “they have a lot of talent, their class was ranked #5” (or something like that). Those were the things I was waiting on.

So, no, “why it is OK” was exactly what was asked for a reason. It was the correct question to ask. I didn’t need to “ask a better question.”

We lost because Miss State played 6 freshmen, and we don’t play against freshmen-heavy teams like Miss State and Kentucky. Most of the other SEC Teams play folks older than 18 years old… so we should do better, right?

From the looks of this thread, I’d say you did.

I’m confident no one thinks it’s okay to have lost to Miss State. There could be any number of reasons we lost, but I doubt anyone would suggest any of those reasons is an excuse. Whether it’s as bad as it appears is a different question & one that probably can’t be answered just yet. All of us expected better, so right now all of us believe the team is in a worse position than we expected. A 1-3 start in itself is not devastating, especially since two of the losses were to the two best teams in the conference. However, the game told us we’re not as good as we hoped or maybe thought. We can infer from the results we’ll lose more games than we thought. We all now believe we’ll lose 3-5 road games–or worse–and that we might drop another home game or…3. All of a sudden we went from a team we thought would get into the NCAAT to a team that can only afford 2-3 more losses to get in. No one is happy.

Not sure what kind of responses you were looking for.

No, actually not (and the funny thing is you know it, LOL). You were the only one who “didn’t understand.” In fact, you did. When the other side starts objecting to the “form of the question” you know you are getting into the area they don’t want you to go! BINGO!

Try again, a little more effort and you might get there!

I don’t know why anyone would be surprised that people generally want to try to make themselves feel better when something bad happens. I am a person that tends to look for the positives after a loss, or looks for reasons to feel more positive about future games. I don’t see why that should be surprising or offensive to anyone.

I did feel different after this loss. I didn’t spend any time looking for the positives after this loss. My approach to making myself feel better was to decide that I need to find something better to spend my time on. I’ll certainly continue to be a fan, but this is one of those games where it hurt so bad I just don’t want to put myself through it anymore. It really is only a game, and in the big scheme of things it’s not that important. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way. Tomorrow we play Missouri at home. If I’m home and it’s on TV I’ll watch it, but I’m not going to make it a priority over going out to eat with my wife if that’s what we want to do.

I really hope we win the rest of our games… but right now my excitement level has been deflated. I’m not mad at the Razorbacks or Mike Anderson. In fact, I’m confident they are all doing their best and I feel bad for them too.

I can respect that. And acknowledge the truth in that. Your second two paragraphs sound a lot like me, so be careful, you may be turning into a pessimist! :smiley: (By the way I fully admit when it comes to Hog sports I am somewhat of a pessimist, didn’t used to be that way, but the last 20 years or so has changed that).

we creatively find multiple different ways to have the same argument.

happens in both sports.

its natural effect of losing
gentlemen and women with different opinions on
try to interact as politely as possible

sometimes not.
but this is certainly a polite board.

its sad that we cant hardly remember what its like to be on a winning board… arguing about which FIVE to start or not winning by ENOUGH points or which SEED we deserve…

football same way…

our coach is to blame.
our coach is not to blame.

we need a new coach
we need to give him another year

he cant recruit
he has great class coming in