Post Spring Depth Chart?

Monte Coleman was a Pine Bluff guy. His sister was a checker for me at Weingartens. Good family. Speaking of the old AIC let’s not forget my Alma Mater The Arkansas A&M Boll Weevils.

Actually in the GAC football- Harding has made it the farthest in the national playoffs in recent years (to the quarters and semifinals). OBU has won 3 of the last 5 conference titles with Harding and HSU each winning one. In conference play from 2015-2019 (2020 was cancelled) Harding and Ouchita are each 45-10. Overall record is 50-14 for HU and 48-12 for OBU. Lot of good football being played in this conference.

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The AIC was way cool during the day. I covered a lot of football and basketball games in my early days at the Conway Log Cabin. There were some great coaches in that league.

I had offers from all the AIC schools back in the old days, but was set on going to Fayetteville and walking on. I met with Coach Broyles and basically told me he already had a tall, slow, WR in Robert Farrell, lol. I decided against it after talking with a good friend who was a walk on DB, and he described how it went. I worked on my intramural basketball game, instead.

Good choice! While I have a lot of respect and appreciation for walk on football players, that’s a brutal way to spend your college days. Playing intramural basketball on the other hand, is one of the most fun things I did in college.

You’re sleeping on the boys in white county who has had a better record than Hendu the last four seasons and won a conference championship more recently. They’ve also been further along in the playoffs than any GAC team, including both remedial schools in Arkadelphia

I should’ve kept reading. My man.

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After my '63 season for football my HC told me I had lukewarm interest from an AIC school. He told them to wait until after BB season…they might want me for one or the other. I understandably did not get an offer. At 6’2" 170 I was small for the DE/TE positions I played and I was kinda slow, too. BB mighta been my best option, but I was not aggressive enough on the offensive end to warrant an offer. My intramural BB team at the U of A lost only one game, (And we beat a squad of football players that included 6’9", 260 lb. Gary P.)

Is HU still running the wishbone?

Pretty much.

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