Post Spring Depth Chart?

Has one been posted?

Nope. No depth chart was released.

Clay do you think this is a by product of the portal era? Coaches not wanting to give players a reason to head for the portal?

I think it’s a by-product of Pittman not putting out much info. His in-season weekly depth charts were just something on paper, often had guys you knew were injured and out, and other omissions. I have no problem with it, but some want to know who the backup long snapper is.

I would do the same. I’ll come up with a depth chart for our next magazine. Between Scottie and I, I am confident it will be a good working depth chart.

As for last year, with Covid changes it was almost useless to have a depth chart. I tried to keep one updated in the magazine where injuries happened. But Covid was unpredictable.

I am happy to hear this. I hope the coaching staff will give you up-to-date height/weight info. Also, who is the back-up long snapper? :wink:

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You don’t need a back up long snapper. Until you need one! And as we discovered last year, holding is a skill. Not just anyone can do it. I wanna see the 3d at holder too!

We apparently couldn’t entice our best holder to stay one last year (J.Lindsey, back-up QB with trick play potential from the holders position).

Yeah Jack will be a one year Wonder for the Wonder Boys. All the best to him. I hope he lights it up in Russleville.

Backup long snapper? That must be your son? I don’t expect to print that.

And I don’t ever expect to get updated heights and weights ever again. They are always going to be outdated.

Had not heard that is was Arkansas Tech he went to. He will quite likely be the best QB in the AIC.


AIC hasn’t existed for 26 years. Most of the old AIC schools are now in the Great American Conference which is Division II. Of course UCA went D-1, Hendrix is D-3 and Lyon College stayed in NAIA.

Will Jack be the best QB in the GAC? Doubtful. Tech has never come close to a conference title in D-2. It’s usually Henderson or Ouachita, one of which usually makes the playoffs.

Ah, the old AIC. Main thing I remember about the AIC is the name Cliff Harris, Hall of Fame player for the Cowboys. Has to be the greatest AIC player in their history.

Lots of great ones in the old AIC. It’s still the AIC to me. Monte Coleman did not reach Cliff Harris status as far as fame but was as good.

There were others, too.

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AIC players in the NFL: Roy Green from Henderson with the Cardinals. Eddie Meador from Tech with the Rams. Monte Coleman from UCA with WFT. Billy LeFear of Henderson with the Browns. Earnest Rhone of Henderson with the Dolphins. Harris with the Cowboys. I’m sure I’m missing a few.

I am properly reeducated. So, there is no AIC QB better than Jack. :roll_eyes:

I’d say plenty. No disrespect to Jack, but there have been lots of great QBs in that league. His Uncle Zak Clark was darn good. Bobby Tyner was super, too. Those are just two of many good ones at UCA/SCA.

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Nathan Dick had a great career at UCA after he left UA too.

UCA has had a lot of them including their current Head Coach Brown.

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I was being facetious…if there no AIC, then there is no AIC QB better than Jack.