Post season projections

From D1 Baseball

Hogs #6 National seed
Texas 2 seed in our regional

Paired against LSU Regional

They have Auburn and AM paired to meet in SR also

Bring um on. No fear.

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Yes. Beat Texas in Regional. Beat LSU in Super. Then be in CWS bracket with Oklahoma State (#3 National Seed) and Oregon State (#2).

Then get Tennessee (if they make it that far) in CWS Finals…… to beat every shade of orange out there.

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Couldn’t be any sweeter than that

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good for conversation but not likely to end up like this with 2 weeks to go.

I think most here understand that. Still, no harm in fans musing on that hypothetical seeding just for grins.

The term “regional” seems to have less meaning, but I always start with regional teams when trying to figure out the ones that might come to Fayetteville.

There are a lot of potential No. 2-4 teams from border states this year — Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Oklahoma, Dallas Baptist, Texas State, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Lafayette, SEMO, McNeese State, UTSA.

Southern Miss might also play itself into a No. 2 seed soon.

Yeah they lost last night to Ole Miss… struggling to hit the ball

Oh I never said there’s anything wrong with it. It’s always fun to look at it but if I had to guess it’s rarely right this far out

Southern Miss is a team I would NOT like to see as the 2 in our Regional

No they have as good of pitching as anybody in the country and when they’re hitting the ball they are very dangerous

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