Post-scrimmage starters

So to anyone who saw the game tonight, who would you projected our starting five to be at this point??


First off the bench

Few minutes a night

Planted to the bench

Agree with each grouping you listed here.

how come Chaney doesn’t start? I thought he would have scored more last night given the no defense played in these type games…do you think he’s a tweener?

So who are the other 2 scholarships we are missing from that list? Garland is 1. Is the other one for justice hill and is not being used until he gets here?

Jordan Phillips, who is hurt.

I would like to see them play with my own eyes before forming an opinion. But knowing Mike and what he likes to do, I think he will experiment with the starting lineup in the two exhibition games and then start Sills instead of Jones from your lineup. I think he would use Jones as the scorer off the bench in the second unit.

Mike likes one of the guards to be a defensive stopper. That is why Beard played so many minutes for him last year. I think Sills will be that guy this year, unless Embery develops into one.

He was on the team going up against Gafford, Bailey and Gabe. He struggled getting his shot off inside. He tried a couple of 18 footers that were way off too. I wouldn’t read to much into it with it being an exhibition. The skills are there. Had a nice sequence where brought the ball upcourt, went behind his back, and made a nice 10 foot lean back jumper.

The returnees just looked better last night (of course they also had Gafford, Joe and Harris on their side). Bailey looked more comfortable facing the basket and handling the ball. Gabe was very active too, sometimes forcing to much, but he put on some muscle and is a legit 6’8 (same size as Henderson)

I concur on the groupings as well

I was there, and agree with Navy’s starters. I’m excited about this season. There’s nice young talent on this team. Based on Friday nights game/scrimmage, I’d say we have 2 All-SEC caliber players (Gafford and Joe). We have nice complementary players with SEC talent in Harris, Jones, Bailey, and Sills. We also have solid contributors in Chaney and Gabe. That’s a solid 8 players that should get double digit minutes each game.

Best surprise for me was Desi. He was very solid in all phases of the game. Shot well, handled the ball much better than I expected, and played very good defense, with 4 steals. He actually had a better floor game than Harris last night. Harris had a couple more assists (10), but had too many turnovers with 6. Desi had 8 assists and just 2 TOs. From what I saw though, Desi is the only other player with true PG skills. With Harris and Desi, for the first time in a long time, I feel really good about our PG position. Both have solid SEC level point guard talent.

I was hoping Embery would show some PG skills, but they didn’t appear, at least Friday night. Maybe, he just had a bad night and will come on strong the rest of the season.

Next question: Who will get more minutes, Holmes or Ali?

Disrespect for Ali is simply annoying. People are hanging on to what Scottie had heard back in July and don’t want to believe the nice things that Gafford said about Ali. I guess is it human nature to absorb negative stuff a lot better than positive stuff. It works in political campaigns for sure.

Seeing as how Ali will be in the game pretty much any time Holmes is - and at other times - I’ll take Ali for the most minutes between those two.

His body type (built like a grown man now - 6’10, strong, long arms) was worth the project. However, when you see him play it’s obvious he is a couple years away from contributing. Bad hands and not exactly explosive.

I’m excited to see his development, but I expect little to nothing this year.

It’s not a question of disrespect. I know nothing about the kid other than what I read here. A project to be sure, is what I’m gathering. So my question has two parts, how much will Ali progress and does Jonny have a chance to emulate Kikko as a walk-on who earns significant minutes?

Johnny is no Kikko. Strictly a guy who will play in blowouts.

Same question again. Why does what Gafford said about Ali carry no weight but everything else you read does?

Chill, man. I’m asking a question, nothing more. Doesn’t insinuate anything bad about Ali. Maybe Gafford is giving us the scoop, maybe he’s just giving a teammate a pat on the back. We’ll start finding out soon enough.

The last two sentences in your post above is what I was looking for instead of predicting doom for him. That is where I am at. Until I see him play some live games, it is hard to make a judgement.

Here is how I see it.

  1. Ibrahim Ali is on a scholarship with a season to prove himself.

  2. MA is not going to turn down a difference maker for the 2019 class in order to preserve his scholarship.