Post Maui results

I thought it would be interesting to look at how all of the teams that played in Maui did in their first game back. Here are the results:

11/28 - Arkansas defeated Troy at home 74-61
11/29 - Louisville lost to Maryland at home 59-74
11/29 - San Diego State defeated UC Irvine at home 72-69
11/30 - Ohio State lost to Duke on the road 72-81
11/30 - Cincinnati defeated NJIT at home 86-60
11/30 - Texas Tech defeated Georgetown at home 79-65
12/1 - Creighton lost to Texas on the road 67-72
12/1 - Arizona lost to Utah on the road 66-81

Judging from the results, I’d say that it was beneficial for teams to schedule a manageable home game as their first game back from Maui.


I’m not surprised Creighton lost to the Fallopians, but Utah dominating AZ surprised me. And if Scheierman had shot decently, CU would have beaten Texas anyway.


Agree, and I think Creighton would have beaten Zona had we not taken everything out of them the night before.


Texas’ defense is obviously very good. But Creighton shot 4 - 27 on 3’s. And it was still a one possession game in the final minute.

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Found this pretty interesting. Shot Quality does great, detailed work:

Do you have to pay for that Scottie?

SQ will provide some free information, but if you want really in-depth stuff then you have to pay, yes. And it isn’t cheap.

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