Post-Loss Game Pressers

Let me be perfectly clear … I have been 100% on the Muss Bus for years; don’t plan on getting off any time soon.

But holy moly, I just about can’t make it through his post-loss pressers any more.

I honestly feel bad for the reporters asking questions.

He hates to lose. Especially if we play bad.

I’m completely opposite, I love them. I look forward to them. Very entertaining, win or lose. The Mizzu and LSU ones may have been the best 2 pressers after a loss by a Razorback coach I have ever seen. He is very high strung and emotional after a win and a loss.

I even find them in some weird way kinda funny.

CEM is honest in the post game interview and don’t cut any slack.
He will tell it like it is. I would be upset if he went on and was acting like getting drilled was ok!

It’s not a good question to ask “how frustrated are you”. Those aren’t good questions. All Bob’s questions are “how frustrating was it that…” Not good questions. Good question is, did you sense this before the game, what were they doing during the game, how do we improve, what do you think caused getting behind so much… blah blah blah. I get frustrated just at certain questions that are asked. I could probably have answered all of bobs questions with a yes or no or very frustrated response. Not good questions. But I’m with Gas, I love seeing the emotion from Muss, and if you ask a good question, you’ll get a good response. CMA would usually just brush this over like not a big deal, which was always annoying.

passion and no Coach speak will win the fans support

hope his mom writes him a long letter and emphasizes help and off ball defense. In game management was just as bad as can be although I only watched first half. Lots of signs this effort could repeat. I switched to watching my SC champ Lightning play at half because there is no doubting effort with those guys.

LOL and agree completely.


I applaud CEM post game pressers. His answers are sincere and to the point. I love his passion. He truly cares about the success of his program, the team, players, coaches and fans. He wants to win. He’s very refreshing from our previous coaches since Nolan. Nolan also hated losing and told it like it was during his pressers too.


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