Post game presser

Liked the way Muss challenged/called out his team. Hopefully it works.

I think we all hope it works because this train is trending in the wrong direction since conference play has begun and the level of competition has improved.
I guess you can also through into the fact that we aren’t playing rent-a-win games at home any longer.
These freshman and transfers are getting their first taste of hostile road environments in the SEC and at this point they have gone 0-2 while failing to score 60 points in either game.
If they don’t turn it around quickly they will find themselves at 1-5 in conference and out of the polls.

Everyone needs to remember that the team that was rated so highly had a healthy Trevon Brazile and Nick Smith. They are not available to play. The team is nowhere near as good as it was with a full, healthy roster.

The healthy Razorbacks are good players. They should be able to win their home games ( yes even Alabama ) and beat the bottom half of the league at home or on the road.

If Nick can start play in February, we can have a another deep run in the tournament. If he can’t play, we will have to play our “a” game to advance. If that is the case, shot selection, sound defense, avoiding turnovers, and making free throws are essential. The margin for victory is going to be small against good teams on the road.

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If everyone will match AB tenacity and demeanor that he played with in the second half we can beat a lot of folks but we don’t have the offensive ability just to walk out there uninspired and try to get a victory,not in this league.


We may have recruited the best five stars that can’t shoot. How can a player get a five star ranking and shoot bricks. I don’t know if there are any answers this year. Black and Smith have NBA stock. Walsh needs more seasoning. If things continue to fall about Dunning and Ford may get more looks in the blowout losses.

Even the best teams in college basketball plays the rent a wins. But some fans demand the Murders Row non conference.UNC first game Duke second, Gonzaga third and so on. Of course if we did play that schedule and lose most you would demand Muss’s head for it. Every year we’ve had Coach Muss, we hit a down spot where the team isn’t playing well. Remember last year when we lost what? Five in a row or something like that and many declared the season a bust? Muss is too good a coach and this team has too much talent. They will adjust and bounce back. Look at Kentucky. They’re 1-2 also. But nobody doubt’s they will be there at the end. Give Muss the same chance.