Post game presser

Just got up the energy to watch the post game presser with Muss, JD, Trey and JWill and was so struck by the energy drain/emotion of all. JD seemed to be holding up the best but then a bit more than halfway thru the 12 min vid he wasn’t able to look at the camera either, maybe was something Muss or one of the others said or possibly the moment finally caught up with him. I was struck with the impact this had on them emotionally, how much they sincerely cared, undoubtedly reflecting how much work they have put into being there at that moment, and for this year at least, it was suddenly all over. So proud and so happy for all they have done to bring us the fans so much fun and so much pride in the Hogs. WPS!


This team gave every ounce of energy they had and made everybody they play have to deal with our intensity and downright toughness. This was not the most talented team but they are the hardest working group I think I’ve seen in a long time.


Got that right Youda, this team was a scrapper beating the odds all season after that dismal start to conf play they flipped the switch with a big chip on their shoulder.
Ive noticed that about Muss’s teams here, what they lack in talent they more more than make up for with intensity and improve vastly as the season goes on.
Thats total buy in.


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