Post game presser

I guess there wasn’t one?

Saw it on YouTube

I am disappointed with the UA website.
Open it up and it has the pre-meet article for Gymnastics. Go to basketball page and it’s the pre-game article.
(As of 8AM today)

Ole Miss website has their coaches post game press conference.

Realize it’s a road game, but to still have Friday’s story up on Sunday seems sloppy


The UA Athletics web site has a vast amount of room for improvement. It is a great opportunity for someone to make a name for themselves.


They don’t update very well on weekends, home game or road. Even the box score of the OM game took several hours.

We need Wally Hall or someone young and actively climbing the ladder like Channel 5’s head sports announcer Bobby Swafford to take over the duties for assuring timely and accurate reporting… This IS Razorback sports we are talking about, right?? Geterdone as they say.

If the U of A can afford a $160 million 38% filled northern end zone ‘private’ suites area, then a few bucks less will give us an organized Athletic Website director, right? There are a couple of stuttering, expressionless people who should not be considered.JMHO

_ally _all and accurate reporting in the same sentence? Goodness, have you had too many adult beverages?

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Agree Marty. I’ve read 1 _ally _all article in the last 10 years. It reminded me why I gave up my ADG subscription.

Oh, come on, he is a nice guy to stay there at the ADG for what he tries to do. I like his style… And only 5 mixed drinks as I watch the complete blowup of Kansas City and trailing by a big amount so early in the game based on dropped passes, dropped punts, etc. KC might not be able to come back from this bad start. Too anxious I guess… addendum… YEA, KC did win. What a game…

Never even thought about UA sports web site…I always find the presser on You T within 1 1/2 - 2 hrs after the game.

I think Ham must really be _ally.

If they only paid Wally $1, it would be $2 too much.


Wrong again. Down by 24 and win by 20.

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