post game press conference

is there a place to watch live??

I’ve never been able to find one, but since it is at home it should be on shortly after the game.

Mike can dust off his comments from Saturday night at Missouri

They just wanted it more than we did

There are no words to explain this type of meltdowns back to back. It’s not the coach. Its bad watch Monk, Willis and Allen come home and kick our teeth in.
We need a point guard and Mike needs to do something to wake this team up! If tip off is at 2 pm have them running in the practice facility and shooting by 9 am. They just are not playing Ball!
I’m an old hog fan so my skin is pretty thick this will roll off my back and I hope the team can start playing some defense and actually running some offense.
Vandy had 8 players tonight and they played with heart and wanted to win. Our no shows for tip off continues.
They better wake up they will not win another game playing like this!

I was watching the Bama/SC game, and it was still in regulation. The announcer said, “Breaking news, Fisher-Davis is out.” 1st thing I thought was Lou Holtz beating OU.

Here it is:

Did you see Arlando Cook’s Tweet?


Thanks for the links.

And what was cooks tweet?

I don’t do twitter. What did it say?

Asked what is he suppose to do. I’m assuming talking about playing time.

Thank you.

When LSU puts a loss on us Saturday that may be rock bottom. The words form Dusty were humbling at best.

He should play. In fact I might play him over Kingsley. Moses kills our defense everytime by wandering around trying to switch everything. It totally breaks down everything leading to open shots.

Cook can really move his feet on defense. If Kingsley isn’t going to rebound or score then give Cook a chance. I don’t blame him for being pissed off.

Yep, and given the time of the Tweet, you have to assume he is pretty upset. Read he didn’t play the entire second half. Didn’t start watching until the Bama/SC game ended. Bailey/Manny was in the entire time.

Man, I almost shed a tear listening to Dusty’s press conference. It was so sad man. He showed heart tonight, wish his teammates would have done the same.

Arkansas doesn’t allow live streaming of its press conferences.

Other schools do

Thomas played the first 5 minutes (2-2, 4 pts), Cook played the next 3, and then neither came back in. Gave Bailey a run of 15 minutes.

Don’t care what the stats say, Arlando can play. I wouldn’t blame him if he transferred.

Thanks Dudley. interesting

Cook, like Thomas, has been wildly inconsistent. And I’m a fan of Cook and person that posted several times he should have started over Thomas. Last couple of games Bailey has outplayed both of them. He wants playing time, be consistent, get rebounds, and finish around the rim, all of those have been things he’s struggled with.

What are your thoughts on where things are with the program after these last 2 losses? Is Mike’s seat getting hot or are you still confident he will be back regardless?