Post game comments

Mike said Mizz wanted the game more, I have heard those comments a lot over the last several years that sure gets old.

I have heard a lot of comments over and over which have gotten very old.

Seems a better comment to make to one’s team in the locker room to jack up the team. Unfortunately for Mike the fans are already jacked up!

Time for a change !!! Empty seats will require HY to do his job…

His post game comments are brutal…just change the name of the team we played and they’re all the same.

This is not an apologist perspective, but I think they kind of recycle the same comments over and again without really thinking about the meaning of the words (sometimes). I try not to read too much into the comments. I’m sure that our guys really, really wanted that game.

I like Mike…but 8 years is a long time to continue with excuses and “wait until next year(s)”. The fact is, we’re trying the same things over and over, and expecting different results. Does anyone recall what the definition of that is?

With the athletes (or lack thereof) we have, we’d be better off making life hell for opponents in the half court - ie, we “guide” the opponents ball-handler to their uncomfortable side - and pick up everyone man-up when they cross the half court line. This full court “press” ain’t working. All too often it provides a 4 on 3 or 3 on 2 for the opponents. In the event we’re able to thwart a layup, they’ve usually got a shooter set up for an open 3. It’s killing us, and it’s part of why we’re running out of gas at the end of so many losses. It would be better to “spring” the full court trap as a surprise, or when we’re desperate - and when we have our legs.

Beyond that, you have to have a half court offense and inbound plays for critical possessions - we simply don’t, and rarely have had under CMA. If you watch the elite teams, you’ll see maniacal perimeter defense to challenge each and every 3 point shot. We give up far too many open ones.

The last 4-5 years, we’ve enjoyed a run of guards who could shoot the 3 AND break people down off the dribble and finish at the rim (Macon, Barford, Hannahs). This bunch has some shooters (Isaiah, Mason, Keyshawn, Desi) and one guy (Jalen) who can get to the rim. The problem is, that without both skills they’re too easy to defend. When you add to that that we don’t reverse the ball and we don’t run a two big-men screen game to get Gafford and Cheney open inside, you’re left with these empty possessions.

There’s my take. I haven’t posted in a year, so please don’t think I’m just a hater. I started going to games in Barnhill when the floor was surrounded by dirt in the early 60’s. We’ve had season tickets to Walton since it opened. I love my Hogs, but we haven’t set the footing for long-term success - we’re going to continue being a middle of the road team unless Mike makes some changes in his approach - or we make a change at the top.

Agree Colorado!

Pretty much the same comments most coaches say when they lose.
I guess they get those out of the coaching 101 book & the chapter of post game comments after a loss.

Until they start playing defense a post game is a waste of time! Enough said.

Gone are the days when “ergodic” things were discussed in post game speeches …