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I assume many of you have seen the social media posts by Ark basketball players where Muss had the current players write a letter to a past Razorback who shared the same jersey number. It was really a meaningful experience for the letter writer and receiver.

Having some extra time on my hands, and being a Hog hoops nerd, I began to wonder who was the best Razorback for each jersey number worn. Sure enough, has a list of all the players who wore each jersey.

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

Some interesting (to me) observations…

Jersey numbers with the most great players:

  • 10 – easily the jersey with the most greats – Ron Brewer, Todd Day, Ronnie Brewer, Bobby Portis, Daniel Gafford
  • 24 – Joe Johnson, Lenzie Howell, Michael Qualls, U. S. Reed
  • 44 – Marvin Delph, Martin Terry, Scott Hastings

Jersey numbers where the best player wasn’t all that great:

  • 41 – Chris Walker
  • 43 – Greg Skulman
  • 45 – Walter Kearns (this one was difficult; Carey Kelly was the only name I knew)
  • 50 – Larry Satchell
  • 51 – Steven Hill
  • 52 – Jack Schulte
  • 53 – Robert Brannon (such a bruiser that after 2 years of moderate contribution to bb, he played a year of football as a DE, with again, moderate success.)
  • 54 – Daryll Saulsberry (he’s really too good to be on this list but I just like his name and mustache)

Have Sidney’s and Corliss’ jersey numbers been officially retired or have coaches just discouraged their use so as to honor them? I don’t think 32 and 34 have been worn by anyone since they wore them.

Some interesting “who is better?” numbers:

  • 00 - Mike Washington or Rashad Madden?
  • 3 – Dusty Hannahs or Alex Dillard? Or even Andrew Lang?
  • 4 – Courtney Fortson or Daryl Macon?
  • 12 – Clint McDaniel, Kareem Reid, or Jannero Pargo?
  • 15 – Mason Jones, Dwight Stewart, or Rotnei Clarke?
  • 22 – Almer Lee or Pat Bradley? (Pat easily has the best numbers but Almer was so important for the future of Hog basketball)
  • 23 – Teddy Gipson or Tarik Wallace?
  • 31 – Ron Huery, Nick Davis, or Kent Allison?
  • 33 – Marshawn Powell or Moses Kingsley
  • 40 – Tony Brown or Sunday Adebayo?
  • 55 – Dean Tolson, Derek Hood, or Mario Credit?

There are 37 available jersey numbers. The numbers I haven’t listed there were pretty obvious “best players”.

One last comment – for jersey # 2 I pick Wear Schoonover, over Alandise Harris and Adrio Bailey just because he is a great Razorback from the past as a football player, so maybe he was good at basketball too.

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Thanks, cool info. You had to spend a lot of time gathering all that info. Appreciate it.

Sidney’s and Corliss’ numbers are both retired.

Also for some reason nobody wants numbers in the 40s or 50s any more. We haven’t had a number over 35 in quite some time.

Alvin Robertson?

Good work Some tough comparisons

Alvin wore #21. Patrick Beverley is probably the most noteworthy #21 otherwise.

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