Post-FBI evaluation periods

I’m loving the sites being close to us. More coverage.

So, does this mean the Nike Elite AAU BB program with 4 different locations, week-end stops, ending in the Peach Jam in July is gone?

Peach Jam is played in North Augusta.

Yes, I understand that. But, have they done away with the 4 Nike Elite week-end tournaments in 4 different locations that determined what AAU teams went to the Peach Jam? Or, have they just closed those week-end tournaments for coaches to attend? I went to the tournament in Hampton, VA 5 or 6 different years and there was always a large number of D-1 college coaches there for every game.

Nike will have 4 total sessions - counting Peach Jam - but only two for the coaches:

For Coaches:

April 26-28 – Atlanta
July 11-14 - North Augusta, SC

Not for Coaches:

May 10-12 – Indianapolis
May 24-26 – Dallas

Hampton is out this year

Ok, thanks. That makes sense. I’m glad they are restricting college coaches from attending all those tournaments. I hate it for Hampton that they’ve lost that tournament though. I thought they had a really nice set-up with 8 courts under one roof for the “Under 17 Elite” teams. They had an excellent bleacher set-up that could hold a lot of spectators. It seemed to be really well attended when I went. I moved from VA Beach 5 years ago, so the attendance may have dropped off since then.

Misread again. Sorry.

No, no, nothing to be sorry about. Sometimes my fingers get ahead (or behind) my brain, and what ends up being posted as a question is clear as mud. I can see how you thought I was asking just about the Peach Jam.