Post CWS rankings

So, I’m gonna predict that when the Championship is over, the winner (Ole Miss/OU) will be number 1, with the loser of the series in 2nd place. Then will come Notre Dame, Tennessee and we will be #5.

I know some will follow with “who cares?”/“if we don’t win it all, what difference does it make” type posts. I understand many feel that way…but, there WILL be polls (Baseball America, USA Today, D1 Baseball, Perfect Game) so I’m just engaging in a little harmless speculation. Not much else to do right now, outside of recruiting notes.

We will soon find out. Champs may be named today (hope not); if not, then tomorrow for sure.

When it comes to Ole Miss and OU I want OU to win. The polls are fun to look at but it don’t make much difference. The fall series is the next baseball to watch! The Igor now it’s about summer football and recruiting.

Where did we end up last year? That’s where TN should end up.

edit: I only found Collegiate Baseball. The Hogs were 9th, which makes sense. I would say TN should also be 9th. We had mirror seasons. We were at least as dominate as TN and our seasons ended up exactly alike.

The Hogs should end up 3r or 4th this season. 3rd if OM wins it all and 4th if OU wins it all.

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I’ll be interested. I suspect many use post-season polls as starting points for next year’s pre-season polls, taking into account additions/subtractions.

It looks like old missus is going to win. Up 3-2 in bottom of 8 with rebnecks still batting

D1 Baseball: #5
Collegiate Baseball News Final Poll: #9
Baseball America Final Poll: #5
USA Today Coaches Final Poll: #8

Normally, the 8 that make it to Omaha are “slotted” 1-8 in the post season poll, with few exceptions. I posted about this subject last year at this time…

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