Post cookout updates

No commitments from the Jones twins. They and his parents loved the set up and learned even more about the program.

Arkansas remains in very, very good shape.

2021 DE Landon Jackson visited with about five family members. Looks like he’ll attend the A&M game in Arlington.

2021 DB Andrew Mukuba was surprised by Arkansas’ facilities. Loved the coaches. Felt extremely comfortable during the visit. He raved about Mark Smith again. Loves the guy.

He too is looking to visit for the A&M game.

WR Darin Turner loves the energy of the coaches.

He said Arkansas & Alabama are at the top of his list but he said they’re not the only two he’s considering.

He leaves tomorrow.

Not expecting any commitments tonight maybe tomorrow, but I’m having my doubts.

Hearing Bryson Eason will visit Tennessee tomorrow. He told me he was coming to Arkansas on Thursday and that didn’t happen.

Last check OL Brady Ward was still there talking to the coaches.

OLB Catrell Wallace said he was tempted to commit while talking to coach Morris tonight but wants to think it over more.

Looks like he’ll take OVs to Nebraska, Virginia and maybe Ole Miss and Arkansas.

LB Aaron Moore loved the family atmosphere and how the coaches do things but also have fun too.

I hate to use the word disappointment, but that’s exactly how this feels compared to last years BBQ. With the poor turnout and kids deciding to attend other schools events. And looking as if no commits will come of this, even a instate kid. It’s a little discouraging.

Yeah, I’m with you.

Eason will commit to Tennessee, that sucks

There will be some commitments coming out of the event. Just not now.

Clayton Smith and Landon Jackson.

2021 RB Jordan Jenkins of Linedale, Texas didn’t make it. He cited the distance from his hometown to Fayetteville which is about five hours and 20 minutes.

There were 10 prospects that attended last year’s event were either already committed to Arkansas or committed later, no one committed on that Friday night last season.

At least publicly as Zach Zimos informed us that he was doing so the next day.

Right now Arkansas sets at 14 commits, same as it was going into the picnic last year, albeit not as highly ranked.

Here is who committed from June 28th through the cookout on July 27th last year:

• TQ Jackson
• Carl Williams
• Zach Williams
• Eric Gregory
• Collin Clay

So far the commits from this June 28h to July 26th are:

• Blayne Toll
• Kelvontay Dixon
• Drew Francis
• Tyrece Edwards
• Martavius French

Treylon Burks then became pledge No 15 on July 30, three days after the picnic

TE commitment Brandon Frazier said he worked on OL Brady Ward and 2021 DE Landon Jackson during the cookout.

Would suggest that it’s premature to take such a “chicken little” attitude. Take a look at our commitment list in 2-3 months and see how many of them were at the event tonight. That’s when we’ll have a more accurate report card.

Just for clarification, you’re thinking he’ll take OVs to Nebraska, Virginia, maybe Ole Miss, and maybe Arkansas? Or OVs to Nebraska, Virginia, Arkansas, and maybe Ole Miss? Would be worrisome if you think Arkansas is a maybe, regardless if he was tempted to commit.

I don’t see how it’s a chicken little attitude to say this BBQ wasn’t comparable to last years. Last years BBQ was loaded with talent. This one had several good 2021 kids, so that’s a plus. But several of the top 2020 kids were no shows or went to other schools. This isn’t a dig to the coaching staff or the ability in recruiting. I’ve been one of CCM and staffs biggest supporters since day one. I’m just simply stating that this BBQ as of now doesn’t look as impressive as last years. That could change depending on who commits from it.

LB Aaron Moore said he hopes to have a decision in 2-3 weeks.

RD, any update on O’Toole? Did he make it?

He did make it. He was driving back to Dallas last night and couldn’t talk. Hope to get him today.

agreed the talent that decided to no-show is disappointing compared to last year, the 2021 players that showed is great, but we are still a year away on those kids.