Post #2 - Preparing to return to hibernation

I like this recruiting class…A LOT and I have my reasons which have no facts, research or professional validity.

Obviously, this became easier to write after Dorian Gerald signed on Friday night.

The last month, we’ve all been stressing over who would sign on NSD, when, just like marrying the most beautiful girl in high school at 21 and “taking her off the market”…Connor Noland, Isaiah Nichols, Mike Woods, Rakeem Boyd, B. J. Ferrell and Ladirious Bishop (I’m not going to try to name them all because that would be an attempt to be more professional than I truly am) are already sitting there, signed and delivered, thinking, “what are we? Chopped liver?” Oh no…the early signing period adds a different dynamic to February NSD but do not lose sight of what a great job was finished up in short time to keep the ones we did and get the ones that we weren’t otherwise going to. Here’s the recurring theme…these kids seem to have a unique desire to be here and to play for this coaching staff. That matters 5-6 plays per game.

Now, to the NSD…Winkel, Gatlin, Andrew Parker, Dorian Gerald, JSJ, Foucha (see the amateur reference in the paragraph above by not listing all signees)…again, you have kids who had choices, could have gone anywhere and either really want to come to UA and/or want to play for these coaches. That matters 5-6 plays per game.

I still believe that when you have to beg kids to come…you will have to beg them to play in adversity. It’s been seen in the past when programs would pay a kid to come to their school and then wonder why they couldn’t get premium effort in the 4th quarter. It’s not that difficult to understand and it works in reverse as well…human nature. If they want to be here and if they want to play for Chavis, Morris, Fry, Stepp, Traylor, Scott, Lunney, GJ Kinne (I like him)…they WILL play those 5-6 plays per game and not only will you not have to beg them…you won’t be able to stop them.

I’m old, fat, have a desk job and take daily medications, but if Warren Harshaw called me today and asked for a wall to be knocked down…I probably wouldn’t question him. I played for him in Junior High, 40 years ago…and I’d still do it today.

There’s just something different about this class…yes, I know that this is how decisions are made by young men in all classes, not just the most recent one. I can’t put my finger on it…but there’s just something different.

There’s some talent returning too…the cupboard is thin but it is NOT empty.

2018 will be more fun than 2017. Could it be that 2019 could be more fun than 2018? Now that would be something different, wouldn’t it?

With the in-state class and a full year to recruit, I expect the 2019 class to be a pretty good. I expect things to start shaking fairly soon.

Smackover insights and Clyde Scott story? busy season unless you have changed occupations, hibernation to munch on returns.

Now, you’ve pushed a button that you know I can’t walk away from.

Pookie will be honored by the SEC at the Conference Tournament as a “hero” representing University of Arkansas. How cool is that? Dr. Modica didn’t make the NBA or the D/G League. He did sign a contract to play overseas in Turkey…I’ll happily tell that story sometime if he’ll let me. It last less than 10 days…can you imagine a Smackover boy trying to adapt to the culture/business practices in Turkey? I can tell you this…he had been back less than 20 days when there was a terrorist explosion there and I was so happy to have him home.

He is a Sr. Executive Recruiter with Adobe in San Jose after leaving Arkansas to work for Google and just bought a house outside of San Francisco so…he’s doing better than the old man is, for sure. He still works out every day and has that disgusting chiseled look. I don’t know this for sure, but I’d bet good money that he’s playing in pickup games at the gym there, probably has 3 guys open and still takes the shot from 22 feet because he’s sure that he’s open! That’s my boy.

I’ve been gone for several years (living in Katy, TX now) but I can’t tell you how proud we are all of Jordan Jones. He’s a great kid who can do athletic things that 98% of the population can’t do. I believe that he was the fastest kid to come out of Smackover since Chris Clark who played CF for the Hogs under DeBryn.

I’m so hopeful that Jordan will be able to stretch the field for Coach Morris and that everyone here gets to enjoy that speed.

Numberhog, how is Miss Keisha doing? Have not seen here for awhile or Pookie.


Now, you’ve pushed a button that you know I can’t walk away from.

Pookie will be honored by the SEC at the Conference Tournament as a “hero” representing University of Arkansas.

… That’s my boy.

[/quote]It is great having you back on the board and even better when reading about Pookie!

Kisha will ALWAYS be doing 1 day better than Pookie.

She is now the Director of Diversity Practices (or some such magnificent title) with The Gap Brands in San Francisco. They have many brands beyond The Gap, Banana Republic, etc. and no one has run a town like she does since Mary Tyler Moore went off of the air. Their little girl turned 3 this past week and she’s stunning. Beautiful like her momma. Wal Mart Corporate was good to Jonathan and Kisha and when they “downsized” her role last year, God used it for good and Kisha is growing and greatly appreciated by The Gap Brands for her role there.

Thanks Marty…you’re kind to say that.

Numberhawg, thank you for the info, please tell Keisha and Jonathan that Rocky, from the GPC bldg. wall-mart,said hello and best of luck on their future. They are wonderful people!