Possible Transfers

The roster needs an overhaul. Who do you think could transfer after this season?
These are some potential transfers and how many snaps they have played this season.
Kyrei Fisher 5 snaps
Giovanni LaFrance 3 snaps
Alexy Jean Baptiste 3 snaps
Deon Edwards 5 snaps
Jordan Curtis 0 snaps
Blake Johnson
Daulton Hyatt 4 snaps
Koilan Jackson 0 snaps
Jarrod Barnes 0 snaps
Cheyanne O’Grady 16 snaps
Dylan Hays 0 snaps
David Porter 0 snaps
Hayden Johnson 11 snaps

I have some in mind, but not real big about putting names out.

As with any new coach and change there’s always going to be a good number of guys that want to move on.

Better try to keep some that are not playing because you can only add 25 initial qualifiers.

You could add some grad transfers, but probably not enough to get to 85.

You just can’t overhaul as easy as you could back in the day.

As of right now, we have 17 spots open for scholarships. We would need guys to transfer just to reach the 25 limit.

Among those listed, I think Hays and K. Jackson have been hurt. I think Hayden Johnson wants to go to med school, so he may not be looking to extend his career elsewhere. Some of the other guys I believe are playing special teams, so their snap counts are actually a bit higher-who of course still might transfer to get regular playing time.

I have a different question about next year. Against AUB, the tv showed both Pulley and Greenlaw as SR’s, but didn’t both receive medical redshirts? And if so, won’t that give them another year?

I think you only apply for medical redshirt after their senior year/eligibility is up.

Pulley can redshirt. Greenlaw played in too many games, so he is a senior.

Pulley redshirted last year, I was thinking he was a redshirt JR, not SR. Same with Greenlaw, I though an injury gave him a redshirt before.