possible transfers?....

Idk but I have a feeling Chevin and Hayden may transfer after this season because they are under used… I could see Hayden transferring to TN and Chevin to TX… At this point I also could see us losing recruits hope I’m wrong but it seems it maybe heading that way

I think several players may transfer at the end of semester and some will be told to leave. It’s going to take a major shake up of the roster and a top twenty recruiting class to improve next year, best thing we can hope for now is improvement in November, the team is in a total funk now to put it mildly.

When Chevin did not play I immediately recalled reports he’d been moved to nickel in one of last weeks practices and wondered if perhaps that didn’t sit real well with him.

I think this staff is misusing talent Frohodlt should have never been moved from guard, Whaley is mediocre at best and hayden should be the starter, Chevin played not great but well enough the first game to not lose his starting job at corner and at CS Ty Storey didn’t get the same chance Cole Kelly got against NT

Hard to say without seeing what is going on in practice

true…however I think Ty should not have been pulled so early at CS

I bet there will be many transfers, but I doubt Chevin is one and Hayden.

Instead the FBs, several probably up to 3 QBs, some WRs and DL.

When I saw this discussion, the FB’s were the first ones I thought of. I suspect Hyatt will transfer and possibly Kelley or Storey or both.

Chevin would have played. He is out to deal with a personal issue. It’s not football related.

…as in a “disciplinary measure”?

I think we’ll see a good number of LBs transfer. Fisher, Lafrance, Jean Baptiste. Too many cooks in the kitchen for two spots.

Good post, you know I posted when CCM was hired that Cole Kelley should transfer and I was raked over the coals for even suggesting such a thing, I didn’t think he would fit in with the new system. Unless something changes with Cole he’s probably not going to see a starting role regularly, but who knows what will happen before this years over. We need for a bunch of guys to flip the switch and become the players we thought they would be when they we’re recruited. WPS

is Ty a possible early grad and transfer by that route. Seems to be the way of the QB these days.

Had Ty have been pulled sooner we win by at least 3 TDs. I’m not saying Cole shouldn’t have been pulled this past weekend because he absolutely should have. But Ty didn’t deserve the time he was given at Colorado St. His time at QB was flat out ugly there and Cole looked much better on that given day.

Morris said family reasons today in his PC.

Best wishes to him and his family.

are those his words or the coaches?

The words are from Coach Morris.