Possible transfer portal to us

4* WR played at FSU real close to Briles and listed as a perfect fit for us…he would be great to have for sure!

Interesting. Thanks. The connection with Briles will be the key. Briles is one aggressive dude and he likely believes he can win and win now or he would not be at Arkansas. This guy has all sorts of connections and players at the skilled positions want to play in his system so picking up a good receiver is certainly possible.

That’s what we need, speed that can separate from defenders

Players go where they can play and where they can win. Coaching matters and this is another example of it. The portal has large number of potential roster upgrades. Stanford has large number of good players who have graduated but cannot get into their graduate program. Coach has encouraged them to seek best opportunities for themselves but they are welcome back if they decide to return.

Got to find a qb to run the offense. Likely not one on campus that is ready. Anxious to what KB can bring or develop among his options

With Briles coming one would think he knew he could get the Qb needed or that there is one on campus that he can mold into what he needs. WPS

Is he eligible immediately?

Not unless he gets a waiver. Spent two years at Free Shoes, didn’t get redshirted. He’s from Seattle so he could claim getting closer to home as a reason for a waiver, but not likely IMO. Three to play two.
Caught 27 balls for 289 yards and two scores this season; ran the ball four times for 17 yards.