Possible OL Transfer Portal

Was Commited to Sam at Ga before taking Ark job then went to Fla and will enter the Portal after the yr but is stepping away now to protect his Redshirt…big kid ! would love to have him!


Not saying they’ll make a move but one to watch.

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Yeah I think so too,always helps to have known and have a commitment from a kid previously.

He looks really slow but has some Dan Skipper in him for sure. You better keep your head on a swivel if he is in the game.

I don’t think OL is as needed position as LB, DL, and DB. QB might be depending on what KJ/Malik do this off-season.

That just depends on how many of these starters come back…

These are not current highlights

I guess its the days we live in now, but something you said really rubs me the wrong way.

“…stepping away now to protect his redshirt…”

I don’t know anything about his situation, I don’t know if he is getting significant playing time or riding the pine at Florida. IF his redshirt is still available this year then it must mean he has only played in 4 games, and if he is stepping away then he feels he will be playing in more as the season progresses. It comes across that now that Florida is 1-3 in the SEC he is quitting on the team and saying “I’m outta here”. I’m doing what’s best for ME over what’s best for the team.

Arkansas is currently 1-3 in the SEC as well, and I’d want all the players fighting tooth and nail to change that record and finish out like we did last year… not thinking “hmm maybe I should back off and go somewhere else”.

I get it with the Transfer Portal and the NIL, things are not what they once were. I hear all the “It’s a business, It’s what’s best for me, etc” and I get that I really do. But when push comes to shove on your team, do you want a player/teammate that’s more about the ME than the team.

Now this is just all speculation based on that one line above and may be completely wrong, but I do know before I brought someone in via TP, I’d definitely do my due diligence when it came time to vet him if he pulled away mid-season instead of fighting until the last minute ticked off the clock.

Just my opinion and maybe like me its getting too old for the times we live in…

I initially felt the same as Votan. However, I read an article on FanNation. Here is the significant part:
“Braun took the field in 11 games as a reserve offensive lineman during his true freshman season before appearing in 13, with seven starts, as a sophomore in 2021.

However, Braun saw his playing opportunities reduce under new head coach Billy Napier and offensive line coaches Rob Sale and Darnell Stapleton,…

Braun appeared in two games this season, along the offensive line…”

In another article, it stated two of the linemen in front of him are transfers. One of them came with Napier from Louisiana.

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