Possible offensive line

We have read that there may be multiple players at RT tomorrow. I initially thought they would simply try Merrick and Wallace there, in addition to Jackson. But the more I think about it, my intuition is suggesting that the staff may go more for reliability and knowing assignments than long-range potential as SEC play looms.

If that’s correct…and its only an IF…then I will not be at all shocked if the right side combo of Rogers at RG and Raulerson at RT, the combo they used in camp alot, see’s alot of snaps. Might become the line. We shall see.

I think one of Merrick/Wallace will be in the starting lineup. Now wether or not they are at guard or tackle I guess we will have to find out.

I would love to see them just rotate in, on different series so they can get a decent evaluation

I don’t know what or who will line up at RT this week or next, but whoever it is will have to be able to at least slow down the A&M ends or Allen will get killed next Saturday.

AA had a QBR last week of nearly 84, against what most think is a solid TCU team. An 84 is not normally achieved because of line failures.

Arkansas has had to modify play-calling to protect Allen and avoid weaknesses. I doubt they want to do that all season.