Possible new football coach fwiw

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Not too excited about the Sumlin idea, although he is a fantastic recruiter.

Sumlin has not been successful at A&M & it has much better resources & accessibility to recruits than we do.

My daughter lives in Memphis & works where she gets to talk to semi-insiders at Ole Miss & Memphis U. Apparently the rumors have been going around Memphis fans for quite a while that Norvell really wants the UA job. They’ve been resigned to the idea he’s coming here for over a month. Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re as interested in him as he is in us, but rumors over there also hold that we’ve been in back-channel communications with him. I’m sure we’ve had contact with him—back channel, no doubt, but nonetheless contact. I’m equally sure we’ve been in contact with Malzahn & others.

Norvell is following half the Razorback team on twitter…

I like Norvell quite a bit, and think he’s a fantastic young coach. He brings what a lot want, energy and hope.

That said I like him better as a second choice.

Gus is the most successful option with the best accolades to his name for us. Would love to see a serious attempt to get him.

If it’s not successful then bring on Norvell, I’m working on my braids now, although they are sitting under a visor and sweater vest until then. Ha ha

I think Norvel would be a good fit. Buyout will probably be small compared to Gus. That’s even if Gus is being considered. The Alabama game is going to probably decide his fate one way or another. Whoever we get has their work cut out for them.

I also like Norvell as a possibility. But if I was at Memphis I would also want the Arkansas job. Or Tennessee or Florida or Tex A&M or Ole Miss or for that matter Iowa State if it came open.

Let’s face it, Memphis isn’t a destination job. It’s a stepping stone job. Fuentes used it to get to V Tech & he’s done well there. Norvell isn’t as proven an item as I’d like, but I still like him as a choice. His Arkansas connections are a big plus in my mind. However, we need someone who’ll recruit well in Texas & Louisiana. I’m sure he knows that & would ihire some AC’s who’d have connections there.

I thought there was a chance CBB might be retained for another year, but with Long gone, I think his ouster is pretty much a done deal. I”m not sure he’d get another year if we beat both MSU & MU, but I don’t see us winning both. I really don’t see us winning either one.

scott Frost over sumliin and norvell and i do not care i if FLORIDA NEBRASKA or any one else is interested in him

Two things that are big negatives with Coach Malzahn:

  1. Cost. His salary and his buyout at Auburn will be costly.
  2. He w pull be about the most polarizing hire you could make among Arkansas fans, especially in NW Ark.

I will be pretty shocked if it’s not Gus. This may be his only chance to get back home and away from the Auburn crazy house. I liked him when he was here and disliked him a lot after he left but none of that matters. I don’t know what’s best for the school and therefore the fan base but looking at the way events are going, I believe he is their guy and that he wants to be here once this season is over for his current gig.

I don’t know anything about Gus other than what I see on TV. The entire fiasco with the Springdale 5 etc left a sour taste in my mouth.

I am a huge KC Chiefs fan and watching them this year after they integrated spread concepts into their offense has me warmed to a spread type offense. and Gus has an offense that can do more with less.

I was listening to Finebaum and he had Danny Sheridan on. Danny is some kind of handicapper or something. He thinks Auburn will cut ties with Gus unless he beats Bama. Said Gus is a mediocre coach that will continue to give mediocre results. If Auburn is happy with a legit chance every 4 years, they should keep him. if not, then they need to dump him.

I’m really bummed with the way all of this is going. I liked Long and I really like Coach B.

Regardless, it’s obvious change is in the air, so I am sucking it up and accepting it.


What Olhog said

This is what concerns me. Arkansas just can’t seem to shake it’s “Hatfield vs. McCoys” tendencies.

My only hope, if Gus comes home, is that he wins big - and quickly. Winning is the medicine that can cure what ails ya. Otherwise, I fear that the bickering of the Springdale and “other” groups will continue to tear our fan base apart.

Again, we think alike, Wiz.