Possible DL coach

Derek LeBlanc from Kentucky. has roots to Louisiana ,Texas Kentucky . Has coached LSU before as well as North Texas would be a very good hire in my opinion

Kentucky Dline was very Stout.

He also has Arkansas roots - AR Tech and HSU.

interesting collection of follows on twitter


This is supposedly the DL coach. I do know that.

I like it then, they recruited/ taught them very well on the d-line while he was at Kentucky. I like his connections to Arkansas and Texas as well.

I also believe he is originally from Baton Rouge Louisiana as well so hopefully some connections there.

Yes he is from baton rouge and I remember him when he was at Southern Miss as well.

Experience at several different places and different levels is a plus but the big thing is his SEC experience for a pretty good SEC team. He should know what type of skills are needed to be successful in the SEC. I think that is important.

This may sound crazy but I think Pittman’s expertise with OL will enable him to help the DL players and coach. Basically it is impossible to have expertise in blocking the DL without having a very good understanding of DL techniques. A good offensive line coach has defensive line expertise and a good defensive line coach has offensive line expertise. It is that knowledge that makes them successful.