Possible dark horse candidate?

Seth Littrell played at OU, was an assistant at North Carolina when they had top performing offenses, and has been the head coach at North Texas the last 2 years. He took over a 1-11 team, won 5 games his first year, and is 9-3 this season heading into the Conference Championship game (vs. coincidentally, Lane Kiffin’s FAU). He also coached for 4 years at Texas Tech, so he clearly has strong recruiting background in Texas. He’s “only” making $1 million a year, so you’d have to think he’d jump at this kind of opportunity.

Heard at lunch from a local UNT “insider” that they were concerned that Arkansas may be involved with him.

Something to note about Littrell: He was hired when North Texas used DHR International to hire a coach two years ago. That is the same firm being used by Arkansas. His time at Indiana coincides when Julie Cromer Peoples was there as a football administrator.


I covered him when he played at Muskogee High School. He was always a polite young man. (I think I just got old …)

LMAO…I knew that was coming. I’m gonna have to agree :wink:

Meanwhile at TN…

http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m … 94990.html

Played at OU.

Coached at T. Tech under Leach.

Coached at Arizona, and Indiana.

Offensive coordinator at UNC during a time they were near the top of the NCAA offensive stats.

6 years coaching in Texas.

39 years old - considered one of the top “up and comers” among young HC’s in the country.

Any coach comes with risks - but I like this guy’s upside.

He may be “Plan B” or even “Plan C or D” - who knows? But at least there seems to be some back-channel conversation going on.

He is most definitely building himself a resume, and the school that he is at is very hard to win but he may have a couple steps to do before he gets a job like Arkansas.

New name for sure and who here is to say he might or might not be a great coach. I guess we can be like Tennessee fans and protest. Mercy

Yep…I posted this in the forum last night:

Being a North Texas Mean Green alum, I think Seth Littrell would be a great candidate for the UofA HC vacancy. A few thoughts:

  1. What he has done in two years at UNT is pretty amazing. That program was in dire circumstances and he not only turned it around…they will face Kiffen’s FAU team for the Conference USA championship this weekend…he has re-energized the fan base, too.
  2. There has been buzz about him going to Texas Tech, SMU, and A&M. He won’t be at UNT long. A true up and comer.
  3. He has recruiting ties to Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Arkansas could use some of that in a big way.
  4. He could potentially bring Graham Harrell in as OC.

He’s a young, charismatic coach who has been a part of a winning program at OU and would, in my opinion, bring a lot of positive energy to Fayetteville.

Yes that’s exactly the same. Me being cynical of us firing the AD and the HC to hire a virtual unknown is the same as blocking a hire via flash protests.

Exact same thing.

But who as DC?

Meanwhile at TN, Mullets are coming back in style

The BOT wanted us to see the Pit of Missery

Dilly Dilly

Littrell does not excite me at all. That is a big YAWN.

New name for sure and who here is to say he might or might not be a great coach. I guess we can be like Tennessee fans and protest. Mercy
[/quote]I’m not predicting we end up hiring him, nor that we should (unless some of our top candidates fall out, for whatever reason). But after talking to my UNT connected friend today, I’d say I could live with this guy if it came to that. And - if we don’t - I fully expect him to end up somewhere else (Power 5) either this year or next.

:lol: Dilly Dilly.

Dilly Dilly

I have know Seth Littrell his whole life, a great guy. His grandfather and my dad were the closest of friends. He is a great recruiter and loves coaching. He’s a natural, the players would love him. His family lives in Muskogee, which is a short distance from Fayetteville.

I would be very excited to see what he could accomplish here.

I know nothing about him other than what I’ve seen on this thread. He doesn’t excite me, but I expect that’s only because I haven’t heard of him, haven’t heard his name batted back & forth among “experts” or pundits on the radio, or anything else. He probably has as good a chance at being a top notch SEC coach as anyone we hire. But I’d still be a bit more comfortable with some of the other names we’ve seen and heard about. No logical reason why.

But I do wish we’d given the BOT a couple of cases of Bud Light so they wouldn’t have caused us quite so much misery. Dilly Dilly.

Seth would be a good choice for us IF Gus says no, Norvell ends up at big orange, with Chad Morris at A&M and Venables a Bulldog.

He will be a great coach and is a dynamic recruiter.