Possible Coaches

I have made a list of the possible coaches that have been suggested on this board. The list is up to 19. There are 4 that have or are coaching in the SEC. This is one of the comments or problems that has been aimed at CBB. It seems to me that we are not likely to get a coach with SEC experience. Since we have been in the SEC, have we ever hired a coach with SEC head coaching experience?

We have not nor are we likely to now unless it’s a coach we’ll out of his prime and without a job (Tubs, Lester)

Four have SEC HC experience, and one of the 4 is a SEC HC now. Two are DC at top schools. The rest are HC at schools representing a wide range of conferences.

If A change is made, Arkansas needs to hire Kiffen. He has worked under two great coaches and coached in the NFL. Norvell played at UCA and coached under Graham, which is not must better than a high school coach. Todd used to coach here at Allen High School. We would be lucky to get Kiffen.

Not only no, but hell no


Not only no, but hell no
[/quote] My sentiments also ! WPS

I third that - no to Hollywood Lane

I’m with you Tex! I believe there’s a good chance he’s grown up some since the Raiders/Vols days and his name would bring instant cache’. He could recruit like crazy which is what we really need. Also, he obviously is an offensive guru that would bring an entertaining style to the Hill. I like that possibility a lot.

Talking about fit, I don’t see Lane Kiffin as any kind of fit here.

It would appear from reports that he is still the same guy.

I can’t imagine a worse hire than Kiffin. The drama would be off the charts. It would be the drama of Nutt, Malzahn, and Petrino all rolled into one. No thanks.

Kiffen is a good football coach. A very good football coach that will win big somewhere soon.

I understand the “fit” issue with him. I still think you take a look at him, though. Some outside-the-box thinking is needed here, guys. Can’t win meaningfully with conventional thinking (and a conventional offense) at Arkansas any longer.

I agree with Swine on this. The Bot and White have had several chances of hiring good coaches and have passed on them
Look at the history of all the ones that have interviewed and wasted their time.
1 Tommy Tuberville
2. Brent Venables
There are several more. Find a defensive or offensive coordinator and hire them.
Especially one from the teams that are beating your rear end. Like Bama or Clemson the last team to beat Bama.
Heck go after Jeremy Pruitt the defensive coordinator at Bama? At least we would have someone that can recruit talent and coach defense.

Dude, a spread is now “conventional” offense. Seems like 80 percent of colleges run it, and maybe more than that at the high school level. What we’ve been running for the past five years is unconventional. And it still works if the line blocks. If the line doesn’t block, ain’t nothing gonna work. If Bobby Petrino had had this OL protecting Mallett, old RM the Statue would have gotten killed too.

If Kiffen comes in and signs a Top 10 recruiting class, which he might be able to do, and wins, no one will care too much if he is a good cultural fit. I think he presents the best chance for a quick turnaround, which seems to be what everybody expects and wants.

CBB was a good cultural fit. But, that didn’t work towards on the field success.

Ahh, but Bobby Petrino didn’t have “this line” protecting Mallett. He had a much better O line. But you think he’s awful, and I don’t – enough of that.

Point is Kiffen is a high-level offensive football coach that has worked under the mighty Saban. His OC is Kendall Briles (which I’m not crazy about, frankly). FAU is beating the hell out of people nowadays. See last weekend against North Texas.

And unlike Bielema he has not gone to Texas, ridiculed the HUNH/spread, and and pissed off a bunch of high school coaches that the UA needs in its camp.

Kiffen can recruit. Kiffen can coach. He needs to be considered. All I am saying.

Your tirade might – might – carry a little more weight if you actually spelled his name correctly. Which you have not done once today. It’s Kiffin. Not an E anywhere. Which goes along with the rest of your argument – based on half-baked information.

Yeah, you know, that is a very effective retort, Swine. Pointing out a misspelling. Brilliant.

He lost me when he said Petrino isn’t awful.

and this is the perfect description.
well done

to those of you wanting to consider this move of Kiffin, have any of you looked into the actual man you would be getting? Drama off the charts. Recruiting that is gray and best, illegal mostly. Stayed in the bars and sorority houses while at USC and Alabama more than the football complex.

If you are going to throw someone out, look at more than box scores. This type of hire says we don’t care about anything, just win. oh and we know probation will surely come follow soon.