Possible Bumper Sticker

Someone should produce a bumper sticker that says, “HONK IF YOU INTERCEPTED MATT CORRAL”

Might be a good seller.

I love Arkansas Razorback bumper stickers and humorous bumper stickers. And your idea is pretty clever. But I would not want one. Making clever fun of other teams, fine. Singling out a player on another team on a bumper sticker, not so fine IMHO. Maybe if he intentionally committed an egregious foul or something similar, he’s asking for it. But embarrassing a college student for a simple mistake, or even 6 simple mistakes, I say “no”, what if he was your kid. And I am NOT criticizing you, you did it in good humor and it was a pretty good one, but that’s my humble opinion.

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Go Pool. WPS

How about “Turn that #%=? jukebox on!”?


Have to be careful what you say because it may end up being locker room material for next year, still funny though.

You would think after 80+ years I would know better.

How about a bumper sticker with a Razorback on each end, and in the middle “These Pigs Can Fly”…

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